Tsunami Ko | The Verdict

By Katie McAllister
1st Nov 2016

The only thing better than a new restaurant to add to your hit list is a tiny, hole in the wall secret spot that only the locals know about!

Tsunami Ko is hidden behind an inconspicuous door, alongside the well-known and equally delicious Tsunami Izakaya. This tiny, 16-seat teppanyaki restaurant that Mosman Park locals have been keeping hush about is set to make your Japanese dreams come true.

Walking in on a recent Saturday evening, we were greeted at the door and seated in a line alongside other guests in front of two hot plates.

After ordering our wine, we got stuck into the menu. We opted for the classic teppanyaki set menu of chicken, steak and seafood (all of which come with miso, rice, vegetables and an entree) so we could have a bit of everything. (Note: I highly recommend you pimp your rice with some wagyu, your mind will be blown!)

We gnawed on edamame and waited in anticipation for the main event to begin…and then it was on! The chef got to work flipping, chopping and squishing off prawn heads, grilling them to crispy perfection. I’m not normally one for prawn heads, but these were seriously tasty. Next, up it was the chicken’s turn, there was some more flipping and chopping (and some crazy stunts with the salt and pepper shakers) before everything landed on our plates. 

All of a sudden, the whole grill was full of meat, cooking at different speeds and moving all over the place. At this point I was dizzy and pressing play on the Boomerang app so fiercely my fiance was wondering if I was having a panic attack.

I just want to take a minute to talk about the smells. It’s one thing to smell deliciousness coming out of a kitchen but a totally different (and 100 times more amazing) experience to have that cooking being done right under your nose. We were mesmerised for a few more minutes and then wham bam, it was all beautifully tossed on our plate ready for devouring.

Do I even need to tell you how incredible everything tasted? Beef cooked to perfection, chicken with just the right amount of crispiness to sauce ratio and fried rice so good you could eat it and nothing else for the rest of your life.

Perfect for dates, you can also book out all 16 seats at Tsunami Ko for a special occasion. And for a totally authentic experience, we recommend trying one of the 50 different kinds of sake or Japanese whisky on offer.

For their opening location, opening hours and all the details you’ll find Tsunami Ko in The Directory.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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