Meat Optional | The Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants In Perth

By Peta Brady
17th Apr 2018

We’ve all got one, in fact, I am one. You know—the vegetarian friend who always wants to come out for dinner, then makes your life difficult with a multitude of meat-free requirements.

If you are that vegetarian, you might want to check out Perth's best restaurants for vegetarians. But if you're the friend who wants to devour some meat, but you still want to catch up with your vegetarian friend for dinner, you've come to the right place.

There are a bunch of legends right here in Perth who know how to party both ways, and they’re putting up menus with options for all. Who said you can’t win friends with salad?

Here are just a handful of our top vegetarian friendly restaurants in Perth.

Meat Candy


Ok, so right off the bat this does NOT sound like a vegetarian-friendly kinda place, but hear me out. Meat Candy has more than one veggie option and they are good. Like, really good. The awesome crew have recently added a crumbed mushroom burger to their menu, and this—paired with the crispy mac n cheese—is actual heaven.

La Vida Urbana  


Whether you're vegetarian or not, the vego nachos at La Vida Urbana are flippin' delicious. They also do some fantastic vego tacos and side dishes. And if your vego friend happens to be a pescatarian your options are endless!

El Publico

Mount Lawley

Yep, La Vida Urbana's big sister is also on the list, because this family knows how to do good vegetarian food. The Oaxacan pizza with mushroom, queso and avocado from El Publico is a total highlight for anyone, not just vegetarians, so you can go so far as to share with your vegetarian mate!

Ramen Ichiraku


I think most of us vegetarians know that coming across a meat-free ramen is a rare find indeed, so naturally when I discovered a ramen joint with vegan options I nearly had a heart attack. There’s plenty of pork for your meaty mates, plus a complete vegan menu with all the favourites. But to hell with favourites, just order the dragon ramen and prepare to have your little veggie socks blown off.

Market Grounds


While most pubs are not traditionally tailored for vegetarians, Market Grounds steps up the plate with a good range of tasty and interesting options on both their restaurant and bar menus. In the restaurant, cast your eyes to the aptly named Grocer section of the menu and peruse the salad selection, or make straight for the chip butty on the bar menu—either way, you won’t regret your decision.

Neho Asian Tapas

Victoria Park

Take a cruise down Albany Highway and you’ll spot the shining neon beacon that is Neho. You’ll be treated to traditional south-east Asian flavours with a touch of Chinese, Japanese and Korean in this unconventional eatery, and some pretty serious vegetarian options. Highlights include the karancini (where kimchi and mozzarella come together in perfect harmony), mushy tacos, and green soba.



Up for a cheese fest? Then get ready for Bivouac to become your new favourite place. The saganaki is to die for, as is the eggplant mecca with halloumi, and the lentil kofta with lemon labneh. Of course, you could always opt for something slightly less cheesy (why?) and try the toasted farro with pickled pistachio, cured lemon and parmesan. Oh wait, there it is again…



It’s not unusual to find a wide range of vegetarian dishes on a traditional Indian menu, but Sauma isn’t your traditional kind of restaurant. With a relaxed street food focus, there’s a unique selection of veggie dishes on offer, including super delicious Bombay crushed potatoes with chana dal, spiced cauliflower salad, and eggplant red pepper curry.


Mount Lawley

We all love a good yum cha, but as a vegetarian, I find it can be a bit of hard work. Chicken feet? No thanks. So, when I came across Chapas I was super excited to see just how many vegetarian options they have available. My absolute favourite has to be the steamed mushroom dumplings, with the crispy eggplant coming in a close second. Whatever you choose, you definitely won’t leave hungry.

Neighbourhood Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

Being a vegetarian can really suck when it comes to gourmet pizza. More often than not the only option is the classic margarita—which is actually the best, don’t get me wrong—but sometimes you want a little more variety. Enter Neighbourhood Pizza, who definitely has your back with not one, but five vegetarian options. If I had to choose a favourite it would probably be the zucchini with ricotta on a bianca base, but why choose when they’re all equally as good?

Hummus Club


For me personally, hummus is life. And when I head to Northbridge you just know I’m stopping at Hummus Club to fill my face with freekeh hummus and batata (crispy potatoes). The roasted cauliflower and falafel salad are also particularly good and definitely worth a mention, and for the meat-eaters there’s a healthy selection of chicken, beef and lamb dishes on offer. It really is the best of both worlds.

Don't worry vegan friends, we didn't forget about you! Here are Perth's best vegan-friendly cafes.

The Hummus Club | Image credit: Elle Borgward at The Hummus Club, Nancy Hanna at Bivouac and El Publico

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