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Where To Find Frosé In Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope
15th Dec 2016

Summer is here and that’s all good and stuff but how am I going to enjoy this delightful weather without a cold glass of something trendy??

Frosé: ‘Oh hey, looking for me?”

Me: “Oh hey! What the hell are you?”

Frosé: “Why I’m frosé—I taste like a slushie made sweet love to wine and I’m here to make rose cool for summer… I’m trendy AF!”

Me: “Well dang, that sounds delicious. Let me just take an Instagram pic first so that all of Perth knows to start drinking you too.”

Thus the history of delicious trend-juice, aka the cocktail of summer 2017, aka frosé concludes. Here's where to find frosé in Perth.

The Standard


Head to the garden of cocktail delights at The Standard and say yes way to frosé! Sangiovese rose, Tanqueray, elderflower and strawberry. Frozen wine?! What will they think of next …

The Cottesloe Beach Club


Don’t buy her red roses, but her some frosé topped with rose petals. Head to The Cottesloe Beach Club to make the magic happen.

Subiaco Hotel


The beloved Subi Hotel is serving up this grown up slushie to the overheated locals, garnished with purdy flowers. Purdy.

The Trustee


The cocktail pros at The Trustee have jumped on all of the trends and are mixing frosé with Aperol. Errhmahgod! Rosé, Aperol and blood orange, all chucked in a slushie machine to make the drink of your dreams. And they’re 12 bucks all summer long!

The Emerson Bar


The Emerson Bar = so hot right now. Frosé = frozen rosé cocktail that is so hot right now. Perth’s fashionable new bar has filled the shoes of the old Carnegies—and is serving up NYC’s trendiest cocktail import to celebrate. Head to the rooftop for all day frosé.



The masters of espresso martinis on tap, it was no surprise that the crew at Benny's were mixing up frosé before the people of Perth even knew what it was. They use a premium French rosé and blend it with strawberries and ice to make the most refreshing drink in all of Fremantle!

The Queens

Mount Lawley

When the crew at The Queens caught wind of the frosé they hopped on a plane and went straight to the source—Bar Primi in NYC. They tasted a few made by the pros and brought back one heck of a recipe for the fine people of Perth—French dry rosé, Lillet Blanc vermouth, strawberry and a squeeze of lemon. Fit for a queen.

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The Cottesloe Beach Club | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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