Where To Find PokéStops And PokéLures In Perth

By Shelby West
15th Aug 2016

Pokemon Go Perth

The Pokémon trend is still raging in P-town and considering how much you loved this story about where to find the best Pokémon in Perth, we have decided to help out all you PokéFreaks once again.

We have found some of the best PokéStops in the city and a few spots that have been known to have a good Lure every now and then.

Don’t forget that all Lures are timed, so do a little research before you go out exploring to make sure you don’t miss out on those rare Pokémon!


The Rosemount Hotel

North Perth

The Rosemount is known for its amazing pub grub and now they are luring all you budding PokéTrainers into their backyard for some of the best catches. Stop off for a cheeky beverage and a feed before setting off again.

The Flying Scotsman

Mount Lawley

You all know Mount Lawley is Poké-hot spot and now the lads at The Flying Scotsman have put a few Lures out there to make sure it stays that way.

Atomic Espresso

South Perth

Word on the street is Atomic Espresso puts out a Lure or two on the weekends when all the PokéTrainers are out and about. Pick up an Eevee Pokémon while you're munching on an awesome brekky.


East Perth

DuoTone in East Perth is the perfect place to get roped in to catching those rare Pokémon and having some delicious PokéNoms afterwards. We’ve heard that Lickitung’s, Venomoth’s and Venonat’s are regular visitors to DuoTone.




Sipping on a fresh brew and nomming on some of the best banana bread from Daphne all while basking in the glory of a PokéStop. Can you think of a better way to start your morning? Didn’t think so.

Get Ya Fix


Get ya fix of PokéBalls and Eggs and the opportunity to catch em’ all at Get Ya Fix in Northbridge. This hot spot does up some good coffee and even better toasties too. You’re welcome.



Recharge you phone battery and your body battery with some delicious brunch at Layup Cafe in Northbridge. This place is smack bang in the middle of a PokéStop so you’re bound to find some quality catches along with the rest of Perth.

Sayers Sister


Take an early lunch break and check out Sayers Sister in Northbridge. With Hyde Park just down the road, PokéTrainers are constantly checking in to this place to top up on the essentials. 

Source Foods


Source Foods in Highgate is the best place for all you healthy PokéTrainers to have a break, recharge on those PokéBalls and grab some delicious organic and healthy treats. What could be better that that?

And if you think your addiciton is getting a bit too real, you might want to check out these 22 Signs That You Need To Delete Pokémon GO.

Image credit: The Verge

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