Where To Get A Coffee In Perth After 3pm

By Anna Franklyn
1st Aug 2016

Coffee In Perth

I think we can all admit that finding a decent coffee in Perth after 3pm often seems like a near impossible task. And look, we understand that when you walk in to your favourite cafe after 2pm it sometimes feels like you and the barista are the last people left on earth, because it’s true that there aren’t THAT many people drinking coffee in Perth after 3pm.

BUT on those days where you just don’t think you’ll make it through the afternoon without a big ol cup of jo, it’s good to know where you can find one.

Here are some of our fave places serving coffee in Perth late into the afternoon.

Perth CBD And Northbridge

  1. The Greenhouse, Perth—a cafe come restaurant is always a safe bet for a late afternoon coffee and The Greenhouse doesn’t disappoint.
  2. Isle Of Voyage, Elizabeth Quay—this newbie spot is open until 4pm everyday and once their restaurant opens you’ll be able to get coffee well into the night.
  3. Arthouse Dine, Perth—these guys are open until 6pm every night so you can get a coffee before your night out.
  4. Saint Larry, Perth—Get here by 4pm for a quick coffee break during the week.
  5. Daphne, Northbridge—get your coffee fix before 4pm here every weekday.
  6. Eillo, Northbridge—Eillo is open until 6pm every weeknight and until 5pm on the weekends so you can get a coffee and do a spot of shopping while you’re there.
  7. Little Willys, Northbridge— superb coffee until 4pm erryday!

Inner North

  1. Cantina 663, Mount Lawley—Cantina will give you an espresso martini at breakfast time or a cappuccino at dinner, no judgement here.
  2. Beaufort Local, Mount Lawley—Another fave spot for brekky and dinner, and of course a 5pm coffee break.
  3. FOAM Coffee Bar, Leederville—Open until 10pm every weeknight and midnight on the weekends, this cafe is dedicated to late coffee drinkers.
  4. Bossman, Mount Lawley—open until 4pm from Monday to Saturday to bring you quality coffee and excellent baklava.
  5. Greens & Co, Leederville—an oldie but a goodie, everyone knows you can get coffee here nice and late (with a side of cake of course).

Western ‘Burbs

  1. The Shorehouse, Swanbourne—some of Perth’s best views AND coffee any time of day. Winning.
  2. Little Way, Nedlands—pop in here day or night for an excellent coffee to go along with the excellent food.
  3. Gordon Street Garage, West Perth—The crew here will make you a killer coffee whether its 8am or 8pm.
  4. Ox And Rabbit, West Perth—Serving coffee to the good people of West Perth until 6pm every weekday and 5pm on the weekends.
  5. Vans, Cottesloe—Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, these guys do coffee all day long.
  6. Asado, Claremont—You can grab a coffee here any time of day, or treat yourself and make it an espresso martini.
  7. The Little Pantry, Shenton Park—These guys close early on the weekends but if you’re after a weekday coffee hit they are open until 4pm.
  8. Odyssea, City Beach—More great views and coffee all day. Beach coffees for the win!
  9. Park And Vine, City Beach—Open all day every day, you can grab a coffee here whenever you please.
  10. Fortysevankirwanstreet, Floreat—The kitchen closes at 2:30 but the coffee is flowing right up until 4pm every single day.

Eastern ‘Burbs

  1. The Imp, East Victoria Park—open until 10pm everyday, this is a sure-fire winner when you’re in need of an afternoon pick me up.
  2. The Precinct, East Victoria Park—cafe by day, wine bar by night, the crew here will make you a good cup of coffee day or night.
  3. Henry On Eighth, Maylands—cafe by day and bar by night, grab a coffee anytime at Henry on Eighth.
  4. Mrs S, Maylands—closed on Mondays but open until 4pm every other day of the week for your coffee drinking needs.
  5. Sixteen Ounces, Victoria Park—another one sneaking on to the list with a 4pm cut off time for your caffeine hit.


  1. Propeller, North Fremantle—open Wednesday through Sunday until midnight so you can drink coffee all day long.
  2. The Black Truffle, North Fremantle—these guys are open every single day from 7am to 7pm serving great coffee and plenty of takeaway food.
  3. Emily’s Corner, Palmyra—a quality cafe open past 7pm every single day! There is a god.
  4. Lenny The Ox, South Fremantle—we love this place and we love that they are open right up until 5pm every. Single. Day.
  5. The Little Concept, South Fremantle—open until 5pm every day serving coffee and all sorts of other hot drinks like matcha, turmeric and beetroot lattes.


  1. Soda Sunlounge, North Beach—more amazing beach views with all day coffee, Perth we love you.
  2. The Old Laundry, North Perth—pop in here anytime of day for an espresso or an espresso martini, whatever takes your fancy.
  3. Boo Espresso, North Perth—open until 4pm so you can get a cappuccino and a puppycino for your pooch.
  4. Ezprezzo, Noranda—these guys are serving coffee until 5pm from Monday to Saturday.
  5. Bellisa Cafe, Bedford—closed on Mondays but open until 4pm every other day of the week to keep you caffeinated.

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Bossman | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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