Who’s Dishing Out Perth’s Best French Toast?

By Kirsty Petrides
21st Sep 2016

Perth’s Best French Toast

Here at The Urban List, we don’t just tell you where to eat, drink and party—we also like to hit you with some knowledge every once in a while. So get your lecture pads, because for today’s lesson, we bring you the history of French toast.

We don’t want to burst your bubble, but French toast did not originate in France (gasp!) Back in the day, when your bread went stale, instead of just chucking it in the bin, people would dunk it in eggs and milk, cook it over fire and hey presto—it’s edible again! And really delicious, we might add. Gradually it gained the French nickname ‘pain perdu’ which literally translates to ‘lost bread’—and for us Western folk, ‘French toast’. And here we are.

Now go reward yourself for your studious attitude with some of Perth’s best French toast. Class dismissed.

Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall


This is the coolest French toast we’ve ever seen. Uncle Joe’s French Toast comes served with flambéed banana (translation: banana that has been doused in liqueur and then set alight momentarily), prosciutto and mascarpone. Because we like all our breakfasts to have been set on fire for a bit, don’t you?

9 Seeds


If you like your French toast with a side of chocolate goodness, head to this suburban gem.  9 Seeds serve crunchy French toast with coconut, almond crumbs, chocolate mousse and raspberries. Need we say more? No, we didn’t think so.



Traditional French toast gets a multicultural make-over at Babooshka. Their version is made with Challah bread, a traditional Jewish loaf, and is served with macadamia crumble, blueberry compote and chai cream.

Pixel Coffee Brewers


Pixel is a little cafe with a big heart, and you have a sweet tooth you can’t go past their Sweet French Toast. Egg-soaked Mary Street Bakery brioche with fresh banana, raspberry mascarpone and maple bacon.


East Perth

It’s fitting that a cafe named Toast serves up some good French toast. The team here serve up different French toast varieties on their specials board, but our all-time fave is the traditional French toast served with maple syrup, creamy ricotta and tart berries. Nom Nom.

The Sparrow’s Nest

Victoria Park

The team at this The Sparrow's Nest in Vic Park gem dish this up the good old fashioned way. You get two slices of thick cut cinnamon French toast, served with maple syrup and raspberry coulis. And if you’re feeling extra peckish, you can make your French toast Canadian by adding bacon.

Mister Finch 


If you feel like treating yourself for breakfast, head to Mister Finch. Their French toast is made with fresh brioche, and topped with mixed berries and custard sauce. The berries make it kind of healthy, right?

Hermosa Cantina


The most decadent French toast in all the land awaits you at Hermosa. Because the team here are so darn cool, they don’t even call it French toast—they call it Brioche Eggy Bread. We like. It comes topped with macerated strawberries, fresh strawberries—oh and cheesecake. Yes, you read that correctly. Run, don’t walk.



tbsp. has got some sensationally unique brekky items on their menu, and their French toast is no exception. Eggy brioche topped with whipped strawberry butter and cereal crunch—yes please.

The Imp

Victoria Park

If you’re after some traditional, no-frills French toast, then The Imp has got you covered. Served with fresh seasonal fruit, berry compote and maple syrup, you can’t go wrong. Unless you wanted to add some bacon… We’re not telling how to live your life, but look, the option is there.

Frisch & Barc


Want a side of coconut pandan custard with your French toast? Thought so. Head to Frisch & Barc and order this delicious eggy, coconutty brioche French toast with mixed berry compote.

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Frisch & Barc | Image credit: Elle Borgward

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