Your Ultimate Guide To Kings Park

By Anna Franklyn
10th Aug 2016

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Kings Park. That place you go once in a blue moon and—without a doubt—tell yourself you’re going to come more often because it’s just so pretty and peaceful. But you never do… except for that brief fling you had with Pokémon Go in 2016.

Well you know what, there’s a lot more to Kings Park than you might think. There are some of the best views in Perth, awesome picnic spots, plenty of nice walks and a couple that will make you wish you were dead—we're looking at you Jacobs Ladder.

Here is your ultimate guide to Kings Park.

The Best Spots To Eat In Kings Park

BBQ Areas

There are BBQ’s up for grabs at the Pines Picnic Area, Synergy Parkland, the Lotterywest Family Area and the Saw Avenue Picnic Area so you can cook yourself a little feast and make an afternoon of it. If you’ve got kids in tow, you’ll be pleased to know that all of these areas also have playgrounds. Check out this handy map for all the details.

Cafes And Restaurants


If you’re more about fine dining and less about picnics, Frasers is for you. With some exceptional food and superb views, this is the perfect spot for a special occasion.

Mount Street Breakfast Bar

After running up and down Jacobs Ladder a few times there is no better place to reward yourself than the Mount Street Breakfast Bar. Not technically in Kings Park but only a stone’s throw away, this place is also open Thursday through Sunday evening if you feel like a drink and something to nibble on.

Zamia Cafe

Right next to Synergy Parkland, Zamia Cafe means you can head to Kings Park for a breakfast picnic and still get a decent coffee, or go for a nice long walk through Kings Park and head here to re-fuel.

Health Freak 

Health Freak is located at the bottom of Jacobs Ladder, so you'd just better hope you can manage to go up the stairs at least once before heading inside to grab a nice big breakfast!

The Best Walking Trails In Kings Park

Lotterywest Federation Walkway

A treetop walk right here in Perth. Who would have thought? This glass and steel bridge is suspended above the botanic garden and offers some rad views of Perth. This is a bit of a tourist attraction but if you haven’t done it you should definitely tick it off the list. Just remember it’s only open from 9am through to 5pm so don’t try and head here on your early morning stroll.

Law Walk

Law Walk is a 2.5km walk through some of Kings Park’s best bushland. You’ll get views of the Swan River, Matilda Bay and if you’re lucky you might see some wildlife.

DNA Tower Climb

101 steps up, the top of the DNA Tower is the highest viewing point in the whole of Kings Park, so if you’re after some good views this is where you need to go.

Jacob’s Ladder

While some might say this exercise routine is weird and boring (repeatedly walking up and down the same set of stairs is a bit weird isn’t it?) there is no doubt that you’ll work up a sweat and tone those buns.

Kokoda Track

The Kokoda Track is like Jacob’s Ladder on crack. Less steps but wayyyy harder. Doing this a few times will leave you with legs that feel like jelly. No joke.

The Best Places To Relax In Kings Park

State War Memorial

If I had a dollar for every photo that was taken in front of the State War Memorial I think I could retire. Head here for some of the most picturesque views of Perth. There’s also some of the greenest grass in Perth making it the perfect place to picnic on a sunny afternoon.

John Oldham Park

Just outside of Kings Park off Mounts Bar Road, John Oldham Park is one of Perth’s best kept secrets with a beautiful waterfall, BBQ facilities and a few little walking trails so you can go for a stroll after you finish your picnic.

The Botanic Gardens

If you’re into nature, then you’ll want to have a wander through the Botanic Gardens. There’s a short walk—40 minutes return—or a long walk—about an hour and 20 minutes return—where you can check out the 3,000 different species of plants growing here.

Rio Tinto Naturescape

If you’ve got kids or you find yourself babysitting your niece or nephew for a day the Rio Tinto Naturescape is a godsend. Kids can run around to their heart's content and get a bit dirty here. On the other hand, if you don’t have kids you probably want to avoid this part of Kings Park like the plague.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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