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Where To Find The Best Bubble Tea In Sydney

By Natasha Gamra - 11 Jan 2019

When the warmer weather hits, trust the folk of Sydney to flock to the likes of the icy, milky and sweet refresher known as bubble tea (or boba tea). The 80s drink is on a resurgence with new takes on the good stuff forcing people to line-up around blocks just to get their hands on cake milk tea and even boba tea topped with cheese.

Making your search for summer must-have, here are the five best places to find bubble tea in Sydney.

PaletTé Tea


PaletTé Tea boast the best fresh fruit produce for their teas. With all the classic drinks to choose from, these legends have a massive menu full of bubble teas, fresh juices, frappes and foaming teas. Your best bet here is the burnt brown sugar milk tea.

The Alley Lujiaoxiang


The Alley is a world-famous haven for all things cool and bubbly. Every tea here is an immaculate crystal of deliciousness and good news, every ingredient here is handpicked and fresh. Hit up the cocoa fresh milk tea will be your regular go-to.



Constantly busy with customers lining up around the block each day, HeetTea’s is fresh on the map of Burwood. These guys dish out cheesy milk teas which may sound like an odd combo but the goods here are a cult-favourite for a reason. Your go-to here should be the cake milk tea or the flower tea topped with cheese.


St Leonards

Up in the northern suburbs, you’ll be happy to hear about Mas.Que, bringing us a brown sugar milk tea with home-made taro pearls and big fat scoops of vanilla ice-cream. This place is well known for plating up next level and crazy delicious feeds so naturally, this serving of milk tea comes in a skull glass. And you bet that makes it all the more tasty.


Chatswood, Eastwood, Hurstville, Kensington, Parramatta & CBD

With 450 locations across the globe, Sharetea is definitely doing something right. They have their top ten drinks on the menu, with the traditional coffee milk tea and classic pearl black milk tea being their biggest standout. For a sweeter punch, grab the Hawaii fruit tea but honestly, you won’t go wrong with any decision.

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Image credit: Rosalind Chang

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