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8 Of The Best Places To Knock Back Bubble Tea In Sydney

By Lucy Bell Bird
29th Aug 2019

best bubble teas sydney

Bubble tea is Sydney’s new favourite sweet treat and it’s everywhere you look. The 80s era drink is having a major comeback with new takes on the good stuff forcing people to line-up around the block just to get their hands on cake milk tea or boba tea topped with cheese.

Here are the best places to get bubble tea in Sydney.

Song Tea


It’s worth heading to Song Tea just to take a look at their menu. Teas have been given hilariously judgy titles—our favourites include “No Money For Plastic Surgery Taiwan Oolong Tea”, the “DW He’s Gonna Cheat One Day Kiwi Fruit Tea” and the “No Time for Annual Leave Cheese Mango Frappe”. Its Harbour Street store is a pink Instagram dream with a ball pit and claw machines for you to go hard on too. 

No Fail


Situated right near Chinatown, this Aussie milk-tea brand has been busy making a name for themselves in the bubble tea world. With well-balanced teas that aren’t too sweet, this spot is also known for using real fruit pulp in its fruit teas. The crew here are fully committed to fresh produce too, which means that their menu can vary depending on seasonal produce. Another plus? This bad boy is open until 10:30pm, so it’s perfect for those late-night bubble tea cravings! 

Heet Tea


Constantly busy with customers lining up around the block each day, Heet Tea is fresh on the map of Burwood. These guys dish out cheesy milk teas, which may sound like an odd combo but the goods here are a cult-favourite for a reason and, well, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Your go-to here should be the cake milk tea or the flower tea topped with cheese.

Beau Tea


This tea house churns out some magical stuff so you’ll definitely want to tick this one off your bubble tea hit list. Here, you’ll find the best shaken milk tea in town, a solid range of fruit and flower teas, as well as the ever-popular cream cheese tea. As for our favourite on the menu? Make sure you hit the silky lattea topped with whipped cream and hundreds and thousands.

Original RoyalTea


Located right in the heart of Chinatown, RoyalTea is all about no-nonsense flavours. The tea is to die for, the sizes are generous and if this little hot spot wasn’t on your list already—one visit is guaranteed to quickly convert you. As for the actual concoctions you can nab here, treat yourself to the royal Black sesame taro milk.


Chippendale and Darling Harbour

If Instagram and bubble tea had a baby, then that baby would be BubbleNini. There’s a florist within the walls of the store so this one is full of orchids, neon signs and bright colours to serve your aesthetic craving. The heavy-hitter is the Butterfly Pea Tea with honey, lemon juice and chia seeds, but if you want to go all out, grab the “Sun and Moon” mix. It's a combo of black tea imported from Taiwan, full cream milk and handmade brown sugar pearls.


St Leonards

Up in the northern suburbs, you’ll be happy to hear about Mas.Que, bringing us a brown sugar milk tea with home-made taro pearls and big fat scoops of vanilla ice-cream. This place is well known for plating up next level and crazy delicious feeds so naturally, this serving of milk tea comes in a skull glass. And you bet that makes it all the tastier.



This place stays open late, has free wifi and a cheeky little name. What more could you want? The White Rabbit Drink (made using the famous Chinese candy) tastes of rainbows, unicorns and nostalgia so there’s no doubt you’re going to love it.

Once you've tried all the best bubble tea spots in Sydney, head here to check out where to get all the best ramen. 

Image Credit: Beau Tea.

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