Here’s Where To Get The Most Chill Cold Brew Coffee In Sydney

By Ally Parker
20th Dec 2018

Sydney's Best Cold Brew Coffee | Urban List

The weather is heating up and our coffee consumption sure isn’t slowing down. Aside from the fact this sweet nectar is essential to our everyday survival, we also live for a good catch up with mates over eggs and java.

Cold brew owes its claim to coffee fame for being less acidic than your regular espresso, more fragrant thanks to the way it's brewed (for between six to twelves hours)—and perfectly ice-cold. 

So for when it's super hot out there, but life without coffee isn't an option, we’ve compiled a list of Sydney’s best cold brew coffees—go forth and jitter.

Paramount Coffee Project

Surry Hills

We’re starting off our cold brew circuit with the Surry Hills gang at Paramount Coffee Project. With a rotating menu of beans, the Konga Small Black cold brew from Ethiopia was pouring during our last visit and we can confirm that this delicate aroma of dark chocolate and blueberry is the perfect accompaniment to your sourdough ‘scram or polenta porridge.

Brewtown Newtown


Cards on the table, we’re big fans of Brewtown Newtown (and not just because we like saying their name). Long story short, these guys wowed us with their cinnamon cronuts and continue to knock our socks clean off with a killer cold drip coffee. If you can tear yourself away from the aforementioned pastry, we recommend a spot of granola with chai-spiced pear to go with their house-blend cold drip (just $6).

Reuben Hills

Surry Hills

Another of our Surry Hills favourites, Reuben Hills is best known for public coffee cuppings and a killer all-day menu. But it’s their cold brew—just $5.50—that keeps us coming back for more. A house blend that smells of a well-loved home, Reuben Hills’ cold drip goes down a treat any day of the week.



Brewristas are dedicated to giving the people that perfect cup of Joe, and their cold brew is no exception. We pair ours with an avo smash (avocado, edamame, cherry tomato, snow pea sprouts) but won’t judge if you reach for a gruyere cheese toastie.

Veneziano Coffee

Surry Hills

Bet you thought we were joking when we said, "go forth and jitter" didn’t you? Well, it’s a reality with a little something called bottomless cold brew (Veneziano Coffee also have bottomless filter just in case Sydney weather freaks out on you at some point this summer). This bottomless lifesaver will set you back just $5 and goes perfectly with a pastry from food partner Infinity Bakery.

Dutch Smuggler


Known for their kicker cold brew and moreish toasties, Dutch Smuggler is one of the best spots in Sydney’s CBD. Order a Buffalo Soldier toastie (if you know what’s good for you) to down between sips.


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Mecca Coffee

Alexandria, CBD

We don’t know about you, but industrial-chic is exactly the right backdrop for a coldie. Mecca Coffee have nailed this one, and their cold brew means serious business. With Peruvian, Bolivian and Colombian brew on offer, pop by their home base in Alexandria or CBD café to start broadening your coffee horizons.

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Image credit: Wade Austin Ellis. 

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