7 Delicious Reasons To Be Early For Your Flight

By Rachel Lay - 06 Sep 2017

sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport
sydney airport

Look, if we can be real for a second, it’s not often that we’re either a) early for a flight or, b) excited to be early for said flight. However, much like the rest of our city, our airport has seriously got it going on. The brand spankin’ new Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport has just opened and brought with it the best of Sydney’s dining. All in one convenient little place—how thoughtful!

To celebrate, we’ve whipped up 7 seriously delicious reasons to be early for your next flight. Or, seven delicious reasons to go and book that next flight.

#1 The Coffee Is As Good As It Is In Surry Hills

Don’t get it twisted, airport coffee does not—we repeat—does not, need to equate to a few heaped teaspoons of instant coffee, some tepid water, and a sprinkle of powdered milk. Not at Sydney Airport, anyway. With coffee legends Campos on site, your pre-flight caffeine hit will have you feeling more Surry Hills-brunching and less I’m-so-desperate-get-me-a-Moccona. Which is always ideal, really. The baristas know their shiz, so make a beeline for Campos the second you pass through security.

#2 Some Of Sydney’s Best Dining Is Right Here

Believe it or not, the world’s flight schedule doesn’t actually revolve around your appetite. So yes, sometimes you’ll have a flight that requires you to head to the airport at dinner time (and when Bachie is on). How rude. The good news, however, is that now that’s exactly when you want to be at the airport because holy moly, the dinner at The Bistro by Wolfgang Puck will blow your mind. For real. Michelin-starred Puck’s offering sprawls over two delicious levels with sweeping views of the airfield. If dinner isn’t your thing (who even are you?), don’t worry…they even do breakfast pizzas.

#3 You Can Make Friends With Salad

Forget the mantra, you can defs make friends with salad. Best friends, in fact, especially when we’re talking about Sumo Salad’s Green Label cafe. If salads packed full of fresh, seasonal, Aussie produce are your jam, then you’re going to want to hot foot it to grab a bowl of the good stuff, like, ASAP.

#4 We’ve Found Sydney’s Best Brunch Spot

The hype surrounding Kitchen By Mike’s debut is real, you guys. You know the food is fresh AF when there’s no menu, just a chalk board, and that’s exactly how they do it here at Kitchen by Mike. Their baked eggs will make you feel like you’re out brunching with the girls, and their Fly by Mike takeaway option will have you in awe as it fits perfectly into your tray table. Ah, the wonders of modern science.  

#5 These Croissants Are Cheaper Than A Trip To Paris

If buttery pastry makes your heart skip a beat, you’re probably familiar with the eponymous Luxe Bakery. These guys have recently opened in Sydney Airport and brought their trademark buttery, pillowy croissants with them, because no trip (even if you’re not going to Paris) is complete without at least one croissant—you know the rules. If a crazy-luxe bakery isn’t reason enough to be early, we don’t know what is.

#6 There’s Even A Bar

...Actually, make that bars. There is something seriously James Bond in nature about ordering a cocktail before your flight. It’s equal parts excessive and essential, which we love. So pull up a seat at Heineken House and enjoy some seriously fresh beers, or even a champagne or two as you watch the planes take off with a sweeping view of the runway. Not bad. Not bad at all. Bridge Bar (with Luke Mangan at the helm!) also offers delicious bar snacks and a curated selection of New South Wales' finest wines, and of course an impressive selection of cocktails to toast to the epic holiday you're about to have. 

#7 These Charcuterie Boards Will Blow Your Mind

Mach2 is the go-to spot at Sydney airport if you're after a vino and an amazing foodie spread featuring loaded charcuterie boards, super-sized meatballs, and seriously flavorsome pasta. If you're feeling like an inner-city dinner before you take off, we cannot recommend Mach2 enough. Bring on the carbs. 

Setting that alarm for your flight already? Thought so! Check out the full list of retailers at Sydney Airport to see what else is on offer.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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