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Bromance | Where to Go For a Man Date in Sydney

By Zo Zhou
7th Aug 2015

Bromance (ˈbrəʊmans): a close but non-sexual relationship between two men. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Sometimes you just really want to bro down with your mates. We get it. With that in mind, we’ve brewed up the ultimate list of beer excursions and big feeds for man-sized good times.

Whether you’re looking for Sydney’s best bars, or dude-friendly things to do in Sydney, here’s the cream of the crop.

Paddle your way through Blackrock Brasserie’s famous Beergustation (now closed)


As The Shire’s first microbrewery and restaurant, Blackrock Brasserie do not take the art of beer lightly. From malty pale ales to kolsch and hearty stouts, this is a beer appreciation experience to be savoured. Their Beergustation features your very own beer paddle, with each glass lovingly paired with tasty, tasty food. At $30, it’s a great way to try a bit of a whole round of beers!

Frisbee and feeding at Beach Burrito


Once you’ve chucked a frisbee around on the beach like the real men that you are, head down to Beach Burrito for a feed you can get messy with. Find out just how many jalapeno poppers you can fit into your mouth at any one time, and then cool down with one of their beer buckets. If you have one bucket too many, the chimichanga (hello, flash fried burrito) will cure your hangover the next day quite nicely.

Knock yourself out at The Standard Bowl


Grab a pint at this laid back bar in Darlinghurst and let your bromance blossom at their free bowling lanes from 6pm (because we all know alcohol will improve your aim). Once your beer goggles have well and truly kicked in, you’ll be able to demonstrate your dance skillz when the bands start playing at 8pm.

Scale the wall

St Leonards and St Peters

Sorry, Game of Thrones hasn’t come to Sydney—but feel free to pretend you’re running from a white walker as you scale the rock climbing walls at Climb Fit or St Peters Climbing Gym. Harness a little friendly competition by counting time or levels as you work up a manly sweat. Grunting is also perfectly welcome.

Take on the Tomahawk steak at Zanzibar


This 1kg beast is such an epic feat the bar needs two days notice to get it roaring. Fortunately, there are also plenty of other pub favourites at Zanzibar if you want to drop in. Double up the patties on the southern fried chicken, bacon and waffle burger, or rip into some maple syrup-ed pork ribs.

Scoff til you drop at Pizza Autentico

Surry Hills

For all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta that you’ll actually want to eat without abandon, head down to Pizza Autentico. For $15 over your lunch hour or $20 for a 90 minute session of pure cheese indulgence, this is a bargain to be savoured. Legend has it that the record number of slices eaten in one sitting (32) has not been broken for quite some time. We think that calls for a bit of a challenge, don’t you?

Go behind the scenes of your beer at Batch Brewing Co


Batch Brewing Co are responsible for some of the Inner West’s favourite craft beers, so if you’ve ever wondered what makes their beers so great, head straight to the source! Hop on in for a quick $10 beer over the weekend and take a tour of the brewery, or taste what’s in the test batch fridge to see what’s coming up. Then see if the food trucks can tickle your fancy for a quick bite.

Get Fired Up at Salmon and Bear


Enter this cabin for simple but epic seafood, cooked the old-fashioned way over charcoal. The smoky grilled salmon is as close to the taste of a campfire after fishing as you’ll get from inner Sydney. Salmon and Bear also have plenty of local brews to sample too as you sit back and indulge your fishing and camping fantasies. 

Wanna get super manly? How about you take on Sydney’s greatest food challenges?

Image credit: Salmon and Bear

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