Some Genius Translated The Census Into Chocolate

By Yvonne Lam
12th Jul 2018


It was one of the biggest bungles of 2016—after announcing that the national census could (almost) only be completed online, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ website crashed on census night. Fast forward to now, and that website meltdown has been melted down….into chocolate. 

It’s no surprise that Sydney is a melting pot of languages, cultures and ethnicities. So why not represent these stats in the most delicious way possible? In an Australian-first, the Not A Single Origin (good one guys) project has created twelve chocolates, representing twelve Sydney suburbs, and their most predominant cultural make-up.

So in homage to its Filipino diaspora, the Rooty Hill chocolate has taro, coconut and sesame flavours; Westmead’s Indian population is synthesised into a cardamom, coconut and cashew creation; and the Earlwood chocolate has distinctly Grecian ouzo, anise and lemon notes.  

The most mind-blowing part of this project? A simplified street map of each suburb is embedded into the actual chocolate. The “data visualisation specialists” from Small Multiples collaborated with St Leonard’s Bakedown Cakery chocolatiers on experimental 3D printing techniques, to integrate the suburban streets onto the tops of the chocolates. What sorcery is this??

Life is like a box of chocolates, and now Sydney is too. 

There’s a limited run of boxes available, and it’s yours for $40. Hope their website doesn’t crash. 

And if you're really a fan of chocolate you should know that caramel M&M's have arrived in Sydney.

Image credit: Supplied

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