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I Made This | Best Places To Learn New Things In Sydney

By Jessica Best
22nd Mar 2017

Best places to learn new things in Sydney

Is there anything better than that glorious feeling you get after making something yourself? The answer is no. Truth is, nothing beats a homemade tasty cheese toastie or a DIY jewellery holder. Especially when it’s made by none other than yours truly.

Sydney, it’s time to get schooled on the things we love most. That means workshops on brewing your own beer, baking your own bread, building terrariums and creating cute ceramics. 

Yep, it’s time to start your course in Adulting 101, and embrace your new found independence at one (or all) of these awesome places where you can get your crafternoon on in Sydney.

Home Brewing At Cornersmith

Let’s face it, if you’re going to start creating your own home brew, it’s probably (read: definitely) best that you learn from the absolute best. Cornersmith aces everything from pickled goods, sweet preserves, fermenting and (our favourite) home brewing. Yep, if you’re keen to become a beer musketeer then a class with Teopher Boehm (of Wildflower Brewing and Blending) is right up your alley. He’ll cover all you need to know about  techniques, equipment, the importance of sanitation and how to make the tastiest brew around. Book your spot here.

Fermentation Classes At The Cultured Artisan 

If you haven’t jumped on the fermentation bandwagon (aka the good bacteria bandwagon), you’d better get on it, STAT. We’re all for miso soup, kombucha and fermented veggies on everything, and thankfully the team at The Cultured Artisan is hosting some epic classes to give us the down low on fermenting all the things (and it’ll certainly jazz up your non-existent cooking repertoire too!). There are a bunch of workshops to hit up for sauerkraut, brined vegetables, kim chi and health tonics. And you’ll obvs get to taste test everything! Book your spot here.

Ceramics at Makerspace 

We’re always looking for a way to upgrade our humble abodes, and though we definitely wouldn’t trust ourselves to create our own home decor, we’re definitely all for creating modern pots and clay objects under the expert team at Makerspace. Cue the greatest hand-building class ever (We guarantee you’ll come out of it with a prize creation ready to show off to all your friends). And the best part is, this class is for total beginners (phew) and there is a heap of hands-on studio time with tools and firing to help perfect your masterpiece. Book your spot here.

Cork & Chroma 

There are only two things you’ll need to bring to this class: your fave bottle of wine and a can-do attitude (and you’ve most likely already acquired one of them). And what will you get out of these classes? Probably the realisation that you’re Picasso reincarnated #shock. Yep, Cork & Chroma is slaying when it comes to this whole DIY scene, pairing a wine sesh and paint class in one. And have we mentioned they’re breaking out a killer playlist. Think TLC, Destiny’s Child and Elton John. Book your spot here.

Make Concrete Planters At Work-Shop

Ok, you really can’t miss out on these classes to make your own concrete planters, especially if you’ve gone all HAM on succulents like everyone else in Sydney. Those little guys definitely need a home and Nols (from Concrete & Clay) will show you how to create them as a cute gift to yourself, or for someone else (but probably just for yourself). The class will cover a range of mixing and pouring the concrete into molds, followed by sanding, finishing and decorating a pre-made planter. But the best part is, you get to leave the workshop with your very own personally decorated planter and a small succulent or cactus. Book your spot here.

Bread Making At Dust

What’s better than eating carbs? Making carbs, then eating them. Naturally. And guys, the team at Dust tell you to “bring an empty stomach”, so you know it’s going to be hella good. Whether you’re a maestro of baking, or you actually kinda suck in the kitchen (raises hand), provided you love bread, this is the place to be (have you seen their baked goods?). You’ll learn all about why stone milled flour is not only better for you but it tastes better too. Plus, you’ll get a signature DUST Village loaf to take home, a group dinner with stone milled pizza, salads and wine (now we’re talking) and 1kg of freshly milled stone ground flour to take home. Think of all the bread you could make with that. Book your spot here.

Mozzarella Cooking Class

There’s no denying that if someone offered you a mozzarella cooking class where you could sip on a glass of Italian prosecco, you’d say “hell yeah!” and so, here it is. Eating cheese and drinking wine, now that’s something we’re good at. You’ll be stretching your own mozzarella and then putting together your own caprese salad to devour. And what happens once you know how to make your own cheese? Homemade pizzas, paninis, salads and fresh lasagne, that’s what. Book your spot here.

Build A Terrarium 

Word on the street is, there’s an indoor-plant craze upon us. But if your green thumb isn’t so green, or you have a dark history of well, killing plants, then building a lush eco-friendly glass garden could be your kind of thing. Yep, these bad boys are low maintenance and sustainable, but they also look hella cute (and you’ll find out all the must needed deets on how to look after your creation). Let lose with that creative flair, and load yours with cacti, succulents, air plants, chunks of sand and pebbles. Book your spot here.

Blend Your Own Gin At Archie Rose 

Aside from the fact we could live off gin, how cool would it be to say you blend your own gin? Answer: pretty damn cool. Here at Archie Rose, they’re distilling everything from gin, vodka, rye whiskey and single malt whiskey with Harriet Leigh (only a complete legend in the spirit and cocktail world). This class give you the chance to blend two of your own gins, which are then yours to take away in 200ml flasks. Naturally, you score a gin & tonic on arrival but then you’ll also get a guide through the distillery and the entire gin making process. Book your spot here.

Create Resin Art

Oh resit art, you beautiful, glossy coating of psychedelic magic you. And let’s just say; there’s no way resin art can look bad (which is great news for us). This workshop will give you all the skills you need to work with resin and is lead by Nadine Sharpe, who will give you the complete rundown when it comes to creating your artwork using different techniques, how to actually use resin, pigments and other materials to make your artwork look so good someone would actually pay good money to hang it in their house (well, that’s the aim anyway). Book your spot here.

Make Pottery At The Pottery Shed

Roll up your sleeves and start creating your clay masterpiece (although beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder). The wheel-throwing lessons here are for complete beginners which means you won’t be the only one who sees their wet clay completely cave on your first try. Maybe second. But you’ll be in really good hands and learn all the foundations of moulding pottery including throwing, trimming and glazing. Book your tickets here.

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Cork & Chroma | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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