The Grounds Is Heading Over The Bridge

By Ange Law
20th Sep 2016

Best Sydney Cafe

Calling all Northsiders! Our favourite inner city garden slash café slash bar and restaurant is setting up shop over the bridge, so you should start preparing yourself now for long waits that are completely worth it (because you’re clever enough to order a coffee while you wait). It’s The Grounds, if you haven’t picked up on that yet and we are pretty bloody excited about it.

It’ll follow the green theme of their Alexandria locale and we have absolutely no doubt that this will quickly become your newest (and favourite) urban oasis to head to for your weekly, okay daily, dose of caffeine and smashed avo. We know this is going to be a pretty hefty claim, but we have a feeling that people might even start crossing The Bridge for it. You heard it here first people.

The café will be located near Royal North Shore Hospital and while a date hasn’t been set yet, stay tuned beautiful North Shore people, because it’s coming.

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Image credit: Amanda Sicari

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