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By The Urban List - Daniel Harris
26th Aug 2015

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Daniel Harris, our Business Development Manager and resident health guy, shares what he’s loving this month. From brogues to a certain show about Vikings to self-improvement books, here’s what’s on his radar.

Brogues from Bankrupt Millionaire

I picked up these kicks from Alfie’s Friend Rolfe in Darlinghurst not so long ago. They’ve been a worthy ally and tick the style and comfort boxes for me.

John Smith Café in Waterloo

The coffee at John Smith Café is awesome, the vibe is chilled and the smashed avocado with goats cheese and chilli jam is unreal and the pulled pork eggs benedict is a must-order.

Vikings on Netflix

Very graphic, but an awesome show about a group of Vikings looking to pillage and plunder their way through England and Paris. I think this is better than Game Of Thrones—big call, I know.

Axe Throwing

This may or may not tie into my recently found passion for Vikings. Here in Tempe you can get a group of friends together and throw axes at targets. Is there anything more manly than that?

Billabong Yoga Retreat

I spent two nights here recently just unwinding with no phones and plenty of yoga, meditation, good food and relaxation. Billabong Yoga Retreat is less than an hour from Sydney, so it’s great for a quick getaway and re-set.

Pitch Anything

A top book for anybody in sales and marketing. Pitch Anything focusses on how the human brain works and how to best get your message across and close that deal.

Underground Cinema

Underground Cinema is a live immersive film experience where actors take over a space. A few weeks ago I went to their Wall Street 1980’s stockbroker themed night (admittedly with low expectations) but found myself getting really into it.  It’s really well executed and a fun night out—I’m looking forward to the next one.

Super Moist by Skin Doctors

I was recently informed that your skin is your biggest organ. Super Moist is a great moisturiser that makes the skin feel great and doesn’t make you feel too oily throughout the day.

Vanderbilt Sunnies from Royal Aquamarine

I bought a pair of Vanderbilt sunnies at Alfie’s Friend Rolfe (again). It’s rare to get a nice pair of sunnies for less than $150 so was pretty happy with this find.

Walking through the Royal National Park

I tackled the 27km hike from Otford to Bundeena not so long ago and while it’s gruelling, it really is beautiful down there. With plenty of amazing beaches and sites like Wedding Cake Rock, I suggest you add this to your must-visit list. Be warned, your legs will be sore for days.

Love the great outdoors as much as Dan does? Drop him a line about your finds here.

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