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By Anna May
24th Jun 2015

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food.

This month Anna May, one of our Sydney Communications Executives and resident Harry Potter nerd, shares what she’s loving. From cosy blankets to luxe jewels and blenders, here’s what’s on her radar.

Mrs Luxe Blanket

I think I cried a little when I first saw this gorgeous specimen from Mrs Luxe. All I want in the world is to snuggle up with it on my sofa on a cold, rainy day with a comically large mug of tea and a few books. Heaven.

Dario Salon

I have been getting my hair ‘did at this Darlinghurst salon for years, and I can always trust them to make my flat-as-a-tac hair look amazing. Emma is my go-to girl for all things hair-related, and she never judges when I say ‘yes’ to a second glass of bubbles.

Chef’s Table on Netflix

I’m smug about this one as it is far more respectable than binge-watching Toddlers In Tiaras all night long. The food porn is off. the. charts. in this documentary about the world’s best chefs. If anything has inspired me to marry a rich old dude win the lottery so I can travel around eating at Michelin-starred restaurants, this is it. 

Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls

I bloody love David Sedaris. Not only is his writing pee-your-pants hilarious, but the stories themselves are beautiful and thought provoking, even when they’re about a taxidermist. Grab one of his books and let me know what you think. I got mine from Blues Point Bookshop.

Megan Park Floret Macrame Neckpiece

I could easily stare at Megan Park’s gorgeous creations all day long. This statement necklace is the perfect addition to any of my neutral outfits. I need one. NEED one. (Hint hint).

S Factor by TIGI

Fine-haired ladies, listen up! S Factor by TIGI is your new obsession. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and pumping spray to get my locks looking gloriously full and smelling like a cherry pie (in the best way possible).

Oster Fit Blend Personal Blender

With the amount of fried, cheese-filled goods I am legally (not really) required to eat as part of my job, a green smoothie or three is required to balance out the carb. I keep my Oster Fit Blend in the office and chuck in whatever greens I can find, a bit of fruit, and a tablespoon of Isowhey Superfoods Powder, and I’m done quicker than someone can offer me a cinnamon bun. 

Deathly Hallows Lamp

My love for Harry Potter is no secret (mostly because I tell everyone that will listen), so this lamp makes bedtime even more exciting than it already is. It’s hand made by some legend in California, so I know it’s extra special (or maybe that’s just me).

Lucy Folk Anchovy Pearl Cuff Earring

I’m pretty much allergic to all jewellery, but Lucy Folk’s range is easy on my skin, which is a relief because their stuff is to die for, particularly this badass cuff

St. Jerome’s - The Hotel

I don’t really do camping. The idea of carrying around my own loo roll and singing Kumbaya around a fire while fending off mosquitos is my idea of hell on earth. I do hotels, however, and this rooftop hotel in Melbourne is nothing short of fancy pants. The beds are softer than a cloud, and they will deliver sliders straight to your ‘door’. Win. 

Love Harry Potter, blankies, and glamping as much as Anna does? Drop her a line about your finds here.

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