This True Crime Podcast Will Give You Actual Chills

By Jessica Best
6th Jul 2018


Podcast fiends rejoice, we’re here to send you off into another seriously messed up world and look, you probably won’t thank us later but you’ll deffs be on top of the true-crime poddy that everyone’s been harping on about.

The true-crime goldy is called The Teacher’s Pet. It’s a podcast created by The Australian (and if you’re on top of things you’ll know they also produced another heavy-hitting podcast called Bowraville) and led by national chief correspondent Hedley Thomas.

So let’s get straight into it.

There’s a Chris and a Lyn. They seem like they have the perfect marriage—oh but do they? Lyn goes missing and so goes the story of unravelling the mystery of how the Sydney mother disappeared. New evidence is brought forward, secrets come out, there’s a set of twin brothers who are scarily close to one another, there’s teenage love and yep you guessed it, a likely murder.

And yes, this true-crime podcast is absolutely up there with Serial, Dirty John and My Favourite Murder so sit back, relax (unlikely) and plug yourself in.

On that note, here are 13 true crime podcasts you should have already listened to.

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