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Two Minutes With Scandinavian Songstress MØ

By Ellie Schneider
10th Oct 2013

Karen Marie Ørsted (aka ) is redefining the boundaries of Scandinavian pop—with rich vocals, quirky production and catchy dance hooks, and it has garnered her a passionate cult following.  

MØ's debut album will be released early next year through Sony, but in the meantime, you can catch her at Sydney's Goodgod Small Club on October 29.

We caught up with the Copenhagen-based songstress to talk Scandinavian pop, old-school collage, and heading down to Oz.

TUL: Your sound fuses hip-hop, synths and powerful vocals. How would you best describe it?

MØ: Like Electro Indie Pop with heavy street and soul vibes.

TUL: Scandinavian pop seems to be taking a daring new step, putting convention to the side. Where do you find your inspiration?

MØ: Not to sound cheesy, but I find inspiration in everything surrounding me. Nature, the city, moods, feelings, youth—for better or for worse.

TUL: Who has influenced you?  

MØ: Throughout my whole life I guess these would be the front-runners: Sonic Youth, Spice Girls and Karen O.

TUL: The release of your debut is set for early 2014. What can we expect from the new album? 

MØ: The album is very honest, so I guess I can say that you guys can expect a lot of Karen Marie Ørsted (aka me); thoughts about complicated feelings and life of a post-teen. Also expect rough honey beats and production—delivered by my producer Ronni Vindahl.

TUL: You design all your own music artwork and posters. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process?  

MØ: Actually the creative process around all the visual stuff that I do for MØ is kind of messy. Using old-school collage style—painting, writing, cutting and scanning, and it always takes forever to get it all right. So I usually just go for a trashy look that's more me, that is more authentic. 

TUL: Last year you played CMJ festival followed by SXSW. What are your plans leading into 2014? 

MØ: Touring EU and then of course the big debut album release, which I'm obviously veeeeeery excited about! I also hope I'll be playing SXSW next year again, 'cause that is a HOT festival!

TUL: And Sydneysiders are lucky enough that you are coming all the way to Australia for one very special show at Good God. Can you tell us about your live sets? 

MØ: Yeah! I'm excited to play in Sydney!! I'll bring a drummer, a guitarist (none other than Ronni Vindahl himself) and a DJ. It'll be good! We are always very focused on giving the audience an honest performance—intense and energetic.

TUL: What are you most looking forward to checking out in Sydney? 

MØ: My parents and my older brother will be in Sydney while I'm there, and I have promised them that I have a half day off to go and see the Blue Mountains! I'm very excited about that!

Image credit: Bitch Slap Mag

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