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Want Beautiful Skin? Here’s How

By Jacqui Thompson
23rd Nov 2013

Early in my career I worked for a leading Australian health title, my role involved investigating the latest health studies coming out of the major research centres around the globe. At times, study results seemed to create a merry-go-round of information—one week red meat was in, the next out; soy products essential, the next minute to be minimised. 

Throughout this extended period of health investigation there was one constant—Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C would rear its head time and time again. Not only for the fundamental role it plays in the body's daily function, but for its regenerative affects on our skin. A, E and Zinc also appeared consistently throughout research results relating to cell renewal and skin health.

To get scientific for just a minute: the reason this potent antioxidant is so important, is it acts as a cofactor in at least eight enzyme reactions, including three that relate to the synthesis of collagen. And as we all know, collagen is the main structural protein in skin.

So Vitamin C is essential on many levels, and while some animals produce their own sources, we must obtain Vitamin C via our diet, or by what we absorb through our skin.

Here are some tried-and-true Vitamin C products that I have found effective. Everyone's skin is unique, so it is all about finding products that work well for you.

SKII Facial Treatment Repair C

I love this product; it is light, gentle and soothing. Pat a small amount over your face after cleansing and before moisturising—with an emphasis on problem areas like smile lines. This product improves texture, elasticity and brightness. $160

Kerstin Florian Correcting Serum C+ Infusion 

Again try applying this serum after cleansing and prior to moisturising. This product is all about boosting firmness, tone and brightness through pure Vitamin C. $169

Aesop B Triple C Balancing Facial Gel

This Vitamin C gel by Aesop is for daily use and is the 'staff pick' according to the Paddington Aesop staff. Lightweight, it rehydrates and is antioxidant rich. $120

Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie

Plump your lips with this Vitamin C, moisture-rich lip colour. It is important not to forget your lips! $35

Eagle Professional Natural Medicine Beta A – C Powder

If your diet is lacking, or you simply want to boost your antioxidant intake, try this vitamin powder. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rutin and natural Beta-carotene and Zinc. Very effective and available from pharmacies. $36.28 200gms

Image credit: Fabulous Fashion Fix 

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