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We Know Which Restaurants Are Opening in Barangaroo

By Amy Henderson
11th Jul 2016

Belles Hot Chicken Wulugul Pop Up

The Streets of Barangaroo have burst onto the scene with an array of beverages, burgers and beats that have kept our tums and minds deliciously engaged. With the bustling atmosphere made even more alive by the swirl of the bay, we’ve come to love the place.

Yet, as the philosophers of old say, all great things must come to an end. The Wulugul pop-up comes to a close at the end of this month to make way for something all the more delectable (and permanent).

In light of what Sydneysiders do best, that is, celebrating, eating, drinking and generally being legends, the Wulugul Pop-up cordially invites you for one last hurrah. From Monday 18th until Friday 22nd, the Wulugul Pop-up is going turbo charge with food, booze and daily live performances including indie darling Aaliyah Marie, mesmerising vocalists, electronic grooves and funk tunes to get those hips swaying. 

All the delicious favourites that we’ve come to adore over the past eight months will be cooking up a storm for your hungry bellies. We’re talking the likes of Belle’s Hot Chicken, Chaco Bar, BrodDogs, Gin & It, Edition Coffee Roasters and Mamak dishing out the goods before they close.

Fear not for the future of the Wulugul Pop-up. Akin to the butterfly, it will soon go through a wondrous metamorphosis to become the Wulugul Walk complete with a range of food and drinks from around the world. 

Who’s moving in, you ask? * takes deep breath * 

Well, come September, the following restaurants will have come on board (get excited)…

With more to be announced over the coming months. Whew! 

These Sydney restaurants will be joining the likes of Micro by Coffee Alchemy, The Precinct by Toby’s Estate’s, all of the food stalls at The Canteen, Shortstop Coffee & Donuts, Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar, and Turkish restaurant Anason who have already set up permanently at Wulugul Walk.

Hungry? We’ll see you at the farewell from the 18th to 22nd July and then again in September!

We know September is still a while away, so here's some openings you need to know about this July

Image credit: Belle's Hot Chicken 

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