We Need To Talk About This Foodie Precinct In Chatswood

By Ange Law
28th Feb 2017

Chatswood locals already know that their North Shore suburb is one of Sydney’s foodie gems. Which is why we felt it was important that we expose all of the good things that this foodie precinct has to offer, from coffee to hawker-style eateries and one of our favourite cheeseburgers as well. 

We’ve teamed up with Westfield Chatswood to round up all of the best eats in their foodie precinct—here are 12 places you really should have tried by now. Because life’s too short to spend time in the kitchen, especially when dinner out looks this good. 

One Tea Grill

Bao sliders and ramen burgers seem like the logical—and delicious—place to start our round up of Chatswood’s best, for obvious reasons. At One Tea Grill, you can kick off a matcha-themed dinner dinner with a matcha mac ‘n’ cheese waffle and then follow it up with the matcha volcano cheese sizzle. Or you can keep it classy with their ramen burger, which is basically a burger involving Sriracha chilli and—you guessed it—matcha mayo tucked into a ramen noodle bun and it’s equal parts odd and seriously delicious.


Chachu’s is an Indian street food restaurant in Hawker Lane, serving up kathi rolls on the daily. Kathi rolls hail from Kolkata and they’re basically a roti wrap, stuffed with fillings like skewer-roasted kebab, served with a salad and sauce on the side. Their signature greeting is “what’ll it be daal” which we just love, and is probably enough to head here (if the kathi didn’t rope you in already). 

Makanai Ramen Noodle House

If you’re in the mood for authentic Japanese noodles, then Makanai Ramen Noodle House in Hawker Lane is your go-to. Their ramen menu is extensive, but it’s divided into categories like egg noodles, udon/soba noodles or spicy, and you can also choose your ramen broth base—pork bone, chicken and soy, chicken and miso. We also love adding extras like extra noodles and nori, because we’re wild and never do things by halves.

Flower Child 

Flower Child is a café inspired by The Grounds of Alexandria, complete with beautiful indoor garden and open kitchen (so you can watch the magic happen). Open for breakfast and lunch, this is where you need to head for a delicious (and colourful) feast, mid shopping spree at Westfield Chatswood. We’ve got our eye on the coco pop waffles and so should you. They’re Belgium waffles topped with coco pop anglaise, raspberry jelly, fresh and freeze dried banana, candied nuts, a scoop of with vanilla ice cream and a heavy drizzle of Canadian maple. 

Tarboosh Grill

Tarboosh Grill is a modern Middle Eastern Restaurant who has set up camp in Westfield Chatswood and if you have a thing for halloumi salads and lamb kafta (of course you do), then it’s definitely worth a look in this weekend. All of the key players are on the menu, like chicken lemon garlic and fattoush salad (served with a chicken skewer). To dodge all of the hard decisions, order the chef’s lunch banquet ($35pp), which will give you hummus, baba ganoush, fattoush, tabouli, falafel, potato coriander, chicken skewer, lamb skewer and kafta skewer. Bring. It. On. 

Royal Stacks

When Melbourne burger legends, Royal Stacks, moved up to Sydney late last year, we were pretty damn excited about it and to be honest, that hasn’t really changed. They’re known for their luxe-style burgers, like the Miss Elizabeth, which a simple cheeseburger of all Australian pasture fed beef patty and Swiss cheese taken to the next level with truffle mayo. They’ve also got dessert covered, with their frozen custards, which come in flavours like Kinder Surprise (yes) and New York Cheesecake (yes and yes). 

Nahm Jimm

We know as well as the next person that neighbourhood Thai restaurants can be a bit hit or miss, but Nahm Jimm at Hawker Lane Westfield Chatswood is definitely in the ‘hit’ camp. Obviously, we love the classics, so we’ll be ordering the massaman beef curry, pad thai hor kai (theirs is wrapped in an egg sheet, FYI) and crying tiger. 

Mao Cai

Aptly named after the traditional cooking technique of Sichuan in China, Mao Cai is serving up traditional Sichuan street food. Leng Chan Chuan (Cold Stick) soup is their signature dish and it involves skewers of meat and vegetables that are cooked in a hot and spicy soup and if you have never had it before—prepare to have your mind blown. 

Madame Nhu

Summer rolls and pho are the must-haves at Madame Nhu, where each dish is a true labour of love, made in house daily. Here at this Hawker Lane eatery, you’ll start your meal with the entrée of seasoned pork crackling, then move onto the BBQ duck fillet summer rolls with hoisin sauce and top it all off with a pho tai (with sliced Tasmanian rump steak). Seriously, any meal that starts with pork crackling is going to be good, amirite?

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Westfield Chatswood | Image Credit: Federica Portentoso

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