Westfield Now Has Designated Uber Pick Up Zones

By Yvonne Lam
23rd Apr 2018

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In good news for your passenger rating, Westfield has rolled out Uber-only zones in its parking lots. 

From today, you can order your Uber to pick-up and drop-off from designated Uber-only spaces within Westfield car parks. They’re easy to find—just look for the black car park spaces. You know, the ones that have UBER splashed across them. Woo—no more awkward neck-craning as your driver does laps around the carpark on the green level (or is it the orange level?).

It’s part of a pilot between Uber and Westfield, with Bondi Junction and Warringah Mall as the first trial sites in Sydney. There are plans for a national roll-out in December, as well as integration with Uber Eats. Your shopping centre slash riding-sharing experience is going to get a whole lot smoother. 

In the meantime, you can shop for homewares!

Image credit: Clueless

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