Big News, Yulli’s Has Dropped A New Menu And It’s Entirely Plant-Based

By Jessica Best
12th Jun 2019

It started off as a vegetarian mainstay in Surry Hills, with vegan and gluten-free feeds peppered through the menu, but now Yulli’s has taken the full-blown plant-based plunge and there’s no turning back.

For the legends that frequent this joint on the regular, don’t worry, favourites such as the Korean fried chicken broccolini, BBQ mushrooms on shiso leaves, and steamed leek and ginger dumplings will still be on the menu. 

However, newbies on Yulli’s fresh Winter 2019 menu you should absolutely be hitting up include the crispy wasabi cauliflower loaded with basil and spinach, fried zucchini wrapped in shredded filo pastry and the epic naan pocket with crispy enoki mushrooms served up with beer battered fries and hot salsa.

In addition to all the dishes being vegan, you’ll also find a sling of vegan beers and ciders (the latest being a hybrid of sake and beer) from Yulli’s offshoot brewery, Yulli’s Brews, based in Alexandria.

For more info, head right here.

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Image credit: Louis Hansel. 

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