9 Ways To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym

By Grace Noles
24th Apr 2018

9 Ways To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym

The crowds, the fees, all those mirrors…joining the gym can be an overwhelming experience for many. If you’ve tried to become a gym bunny but it’s just never going to happen, there’s still plenty of cheap (and fun!) ways to get fit. 

Here are some of the best ways to get fit without joining a gym!

Out And About

The easiest way to incorporate a workout into your day is to simply get out and about in the fresh air and stretch your legs. Walking works your entire body, builds up your stamina and gets your butt burning. So, chuck in your headphones and hit the local bush track or scenic beach walk to start burning those calories.

Take A Dip

Swimming is the perfect low impact, full body workout you’ve been looking for. While working your whole bod, getting in the water builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness—sounds great to us! Public pools are great to get your laps in hard and fast or make a trip of it and head to the beach to admire the view while you get your sweat on.

Set A Goal

There’s something about having an end target that just makes us work that little bit harder. Sign up for a half-marathon, triathalon, full marathon, decathalon, fun-run, paint-run, anything and everything that will get you motivated to start training and make you feel like the champion you are!

Take A Hike

Load up your backpack with some trail mix and bug spray and head to the bush for a body-aching workout and adrenaline rush all in one. Get back to your roots and become one with nature as your quads and hammies are burning—plus there’s always going to be a great view along the way.


So you don’t want to commit to a membership? We get it, they can be expensive and the painful process of choosing one is enough to make you give up exercising all together. But hey, the gyms don’t need to know that. There’s no harm in geting amongst the free trials and trying them one by one—minus the weekly bill.

Take Flight

Say goodbye to taking the elevator because stairs are about to become your new best friend. There’s tons of high-rise flights of stairs if you have a look around your neighbourhood. Trust us when we say they make for the BEST free gym. Starting up your own circuit of stair sprints will get your glutes burning and up your fitness by a hell of a lot.

Stay Home

Gym fees never seem to end, every week is a viscious cycle of praying your bank account doesn’t get declined. We say invest just once in a few dumbbells, jump ropes, and kettle bells to start your own home gym. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home and workout on your terms!

Go For A Ride

Dust off your old two-wheeler or download the app and pick up one of those random bikes you’ve been seeing abandoned on the road. Cycling is a super fun and productive exercise that basically takes you on a tour of the city without you even realising. You’ll be upping your fitness levels without even noticing!

Ride The Wave

If your problem with the gym is it’s just not enjoyable, we’ve got the solution for you. Hit the water and let the adrenaline carry you through your sweat sesh. It’s easy to hire some gear and give paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, or whatever else takes your fancy, a try! We guarantee it’ll be more fun than doing those burpees.  

Image Credit: Todd Eyre

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