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Stan Is Dropping An Aussie True Crime Series And It Will Truly Terrify You

By Morgan Reardon
18th Nov 2020

a man stands in front of a house at night.

We dig a solid true crime docu-series that lets us turn detective and go behind the scenes of some of the world’s most shocking crimes (we know, it’s a bit sick, but we can’t help it).

Usually our fix comes from shows out of the US, but not anymore. Stan has just dropped a trailer for their new four-part true crime original series and it’s taking place right in our backyard.

After The Night explores the life and crimes of one of Australia’s most infamous serial killers and it will shock you to your core.

Unfamiliar with the harrowing story of Eric Edgar Cooke? Let’s rewind a little. In the early 1960s, Perth was a sunny, peaceful and innocent city, the kind of place where life revolved around surfing and beach barbecues and residents would go on holiday and leave their doors unlocked.

But that postcard perfect life was shattered when a spate of horrific, seemingly senseless killings started to occur. We’re talking horror-movie-like stuff, like a young woman tied up and mutilated with dressmaking scissors in her sleep and a father, answering the door of his family home, then shot in the face just yards away from his wife and children. And that was only the beginning. 

Families began putting bars on their window and people avoided going out after dark or answering the door. The police fingerprinted every man and boy in the city but the killer, dubbed, ‘The Night Caller’, continued his deadly reign. 

The crimes left local police baffled leading to the wrongful convictions of not one, but two local men, forever irreparably destroying their lives and that of their families. 

Filmmaker and After The Night director Thomas Meadmore—whose mother grew up in Perth during the killing spree—has returned home to bring this terrifying story to light. In this docu-series he gained unprecedented access to the key figures in the story, including Sally Cooke (The Night Caller’s wife), John Button (the second man to be wrongfully convicted), and Estelle Blackburn, the journalist who helped overturn his conviction, and who has subsequently campaigned for better police practice and accountability. 

Scope the haunting trailer below.

After The Night will premiere on 29 November on Stan.

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Image Credit: Stan

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