Best Of The Web This Week

By Anna Franklyn
8th Sep 2017

A clickable smorgasbord of celebrity trash talk, food porn, good-to-knows, generally interesting chat-starters, and anything else we think you should know about from around the Internet. It’s your watercooler cheat sheet for the week. 

Eataly World is like Disneyland but with pasta and wine—so better.

The High Court confirmed the postal vote is going ahead and someone made the best computer game ever.

Mac and cheese doughnuts exist and you need them in your life.

Pringles just released meat pie and chicken salt flavoured chips and we've never been happier to be Australian.

It's confirmed, the Mean Girls musical is coming. 

Espresso martinis just got 1.9 million times better thanks to the addition of peanut butter.

Prosecco flavoured nail polish is a thing and we're ok with biting our nails now.

Lisa Frank teamed up with Reebok to create the world's most perfect sneakers. #unicorn

Image credit: Mean Girls

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