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Gelato Messina Now Do Dessert Packs And Of Course They’re Amazing!

By Jessica Pridmore
26th Sep 2017


It doesn’t take a genius to know that dessert is where the heart of the people really lies. Yeah, burgers are pretty great and all, and yep, we do love our pasta, but, if you want something done (read: successful bribery) or need a good cheering up then dessert is ALWAYS your go-to.

The gelato gods, Gelato Messina know this, as clearly does Deliveroo, because they’ve partnered together on something so spectacular only the purest, most dedicated dessert lovers could think it up.

Enter, Gelato Messina’s dessert pack, ‘Brownie With Benefits’. Included are the perfect ingredients to elevate your next sweet craving: chocolate brownies, peanut brittle, raspberry puree, vanilla sauce, plus your choice of a 500ml tub of Gelato Messina.

The catch? It’s only available for one day only—we cried too, don’t worry.

This Thursday 28 September, be one of the first 20 people to order Gelato Messina off the Deliveroo app (from each store), and you’ll receive the ‘Brownie With Benefits’ pack for free! If you miss out, don’t sob into your empty ice cream bowl, Deliveroo are offering free delivery of Gelato Messina until Sunday 1 October.

Yep, this pretty much made our day, too.

The details

What: Gelato Messina x Deliveroo dessert packs
When: Thursday 28 September

To get your hands on a dessert box, head to the Deliveroo app.

Image credit: Gelato Messina

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