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Listen Up, This Podcast Will Teach You How To Find True Happiness

By Morgan Reardon
21st Oct 2019

the happiness lab

If you have moments where you find yourself scrolling through Insta, longing for a life that isn’t yours, you’re going to want to plug into this epic new podcast stat.

The Happiness Lab comes to us from Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos, whose course, “Psychology and the Good Life,” inspired the podcast and became Yale’s most popular class in over 300 years.

As the Professor of Psychology at Yale Dr Santos is an absolute expert on human cognition and the cognitive biases that impede better choices. Which makes her legit qualified to school us on how we can nail the pursuit of happiness. According to Santos, kindness isn’t an innate quality but a skill that we can learn and hone.

Thankfully Santos is sharing her knowledge with the world in the form of a weekly podcast. In each ep, she’ll dissect the latest scientific research on how to achieve peak happiness. She’ll also be interviewing some pretty inspiring people who, after overcoming adversity, prove true happiness is what we make of it, including the likes of trans rights activist and former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck and ice skater Michelle Kwan.

Who doesn’t want a little extra happiness in their life? You can get your fix here

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