These Are The Best Exercises To Do Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
27th Feb 2017

So you’re trying to get on the whole health and fitness buzz, but it just isn’t happening for you, huh? Gutted. You’ve done ballet-esque barre classes, painful 5km runs and the odd CrossFit thing, and you still haaate getting sweaty for the sake of your health.

What if we told you we’ve found the solution? Your star sign and exercise are more aligned than you think! A Virgo doing CrossFit? Hell no. A Sagi doing barre classes? Ain’t gonna work. Whether you’re a lion-like Leo or goal-smashing Scorp, we’ve found the best exercises based on your star sign. Astrology and fitness—what could go wrong?


Best exercise: Personal training

You rams have a whole lot of energy, don’t you? You need to expend some of that energy but also need to chill the F out. The solution? Spend some one-on-one time with a personal trainer. It will satisfy your need for attention and prevent you from pulling your groin (again) from sprinting too hard in spin class. Winning!


Best exercise: At-home workouts

You’re prettaaay chill so don’t like busting your guts in high-intensity classes…or being told what to do, for that matter. Working out at home is right up your alley. Give these YouTube workouts a go or bring your favourite beverage to the workout party (it will all make sense if you read this).


Best exercise: HIIT or circuit training

Yoga? Barre? Boooring. Geminis’ love to be on the move and believe that variety is the spice of life. High intensity and lots of reps is the answer for Geminis looking to get fit, quick. The fast nature of HIIT or circuit training means that there won’t be enough time for boredom to creep its way in.


Best exercise: Group fitness or run clubs

You’re all about them #squadgoals, Cancer. You buzz off other people’s energy and love being part of a crew. Sign up for a run club (NIKE is a no-brainer) or get your butt to a group fitness class. The motivational spirit of a bunch of sweaty people is oh-so powerful.


Best exercise: CrossFit or weight lifting

Bold badass Leo, you like getting stronger and channelling your inner lion when it’s workout time. You’re strong-willed, love a challenge and don’t mind kicking butt, so something like CrossFit or weight lifting will fit you quite nicely.


Best exercise: Barre

Virgos and perfection go hand-in-hand. Try something that requires you to focus on form and technique, like barre. This ballet-inspired workout is based on repetition and will tone your booty in no time.


Best exercise: EMS Training

Being a Libra, you strive for balance in your life. You often find it difficult to squeeze fitness into your busy schedule, so you need a class that gets the job done in under 30 minutes. Here's a wrap of Brisbane's best fitness classes that'll whip you in to shape in next to no time. Heck yes!


Best exercise: Running

What Scorps set, they get. You’re serious goal chasers, which makes something like marathon training or long-distance running just right for you. It will test your mental willpower and make use of your hardworking nature. You can dooo it!


Best exercise: Hiking or rock climbing

Sagis are free spirits who can’t get enough of adventure. Whether it’s finding a mountain to conquer or pushing your brain and body with rock climbing, you’d rather get a calorie burn from something that doesn’t feel like a traditional workout.


Best exercise: Exercise challenges

Tough to the core, Capricorns love seeing the hard yards pay off, and there’s no better way to do that than with a gruelling exercise challenge. Sign up for a Tough Mudder or IronMan and prepare to trudge through the mud and get dirty while smashing your goals.


Best exercise: Surfing or team sport

Yeah, yeah, surfing and team sport are on different ends of the workout spectrum, but hear us out. You’re a creative and unique individual who either wants to master a skill on your lonesome, or give your team player nature a whirl in a team sport. Surfing will tap into your curious side, while rugby, netball or ultimate frisbee (it’s a thing) will let you work with others towards a shared goal. Win, win.


Best exercise: Yoga or swimming

Oh sensitive Pisces, your mind can often be full of worries and woes. Yoga or swimming will bring you back down to earth and help you connect with your spiritual side. Want to combine the two? Give yoga on paddle boards a try!

Image credit: Bruno Nascimento

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