Join P.E Nation In Getting Brand New Clothing To Those In Need

By Rick Stephens
10th Jun 2020

PE Nation founder Pip Edwards has her hands on her hips standing in an alley way. She's wearing a colourful jumper.

In Australia, around six tonnes of clothing end up in landfill every 10 minutes, which is an alarming figure to say the least. Fortunately, there are at least a few brands and charities fighting the good fight and lessening the effects of fast fashion; at the forefront is Sydney label P.E Nation, who along with 40 other brands, is working with Thread Together and Afterpay to donate excess clothing to Australians in need. 

The process is simple. First, fashion partners donate end-of-line pieces, Thread Together will sort, pack and distribute the product through their charity partners, while Afterpay will offer customers an optional $1 donation at checkout to support the initiative. For P.E Nation, whose focus is on producing conscious fashion, jumping on board was a no-brainer.

“Our ongoing relationship with Thread Together is so meaningful to us as it connects two really important issues for us at P.E Nation. By donating these clothes we honour our commitment to sustainability by reducing fashion waste in landfill, whilst supporting Australian communities in need. We chose Thread Together as we know that they make a real, immediate difference for Australians when they need it most.” says P.E Nation co-founder Pip Edwards.

Alongside the much-needed, practical contribution that Thread Together makes to those doing it tough, the initiative also offers a sense of pride within communities and people following the devastating events many have faced this year, like the crippling bush fires. 

The numbers stack up, too. So far, Thread Together and its fashion partners have saved over 1.2 million clothing items from landfill and instead diverted it to people who need it most across the country.

“It’s around 3,000 Australians a month," says Edwards. "Thread Together goes to remote areas and they set up shop, and they allow people to come in and choose what they want rather than giving them the dribs and drabs, and that dignity is important to keeping morale up during a time of crisis."

For Edwards, the willingness and passion to work with a charity that can make such a difference to both people and the planet stems from the brand’s ethos and beginnings.

"Sustainability is at the core of what we do because if we don’t protect where we get our inspiration [from], what do we stand for? So that’s always been embedded in everything that we do, and just protecting what we love most and how we live our life," says Edwards.

Along with getting behind Thread Together, Edwards’ is a firm advocate for supporting the sustainable fashion movement through shopping with Australian brands within the space when you’re next in need of some retail therapy. 

KITX, Bassike, Spell, Ginger & Smart and Maggie Marilyn are all on the forefront of sustainable fashion.” said Edwards.

So, next time your making an Afterpay purchase from one of Thread Together's fashion partners, make sure you tick yes to adding on a donation to this awesome charity.

You can find out more about Thread Together, along with their fashion partners like P.E Nation, here.

Image Credit: James Adams

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