TV Series We Wish Would Make A Comeback

By Rachel Lay
16th Feb 2016

2016 is shaping up to be the year of the comeback. We kicked the year off with the much awaited Friends reunion and confirmation of a Gilmore Girls reunion, so we’re understandably pretty excited thinking that more of our faves may be making a come back. Here are some epic TV series just begging to be brought back:

#1 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Even tough Buffy herself has said that she isn’t keen on a reunion because “she’s too old”. We’re firm believers in age being nothing more than a number and are totally keen to see Buffy slaying some vampires as she waits for Woolies to open at 7:58am while tapping her walking stick against the glass (plot twist: her walking stick doubles as a wooden stake?)

#2 Sabrina The Teenage Witch

If we’re being honest, the main reason for this making the list is that we need more of Salem’s charming wit in our lives, but we love Sabrina too. That outfit change montage from the credits was all of our dreams, don’t lie. 

#3 The OC

Yes, the last season was just the worst, we know. But imagine if a comeback was done right? Obviously the comeback would include Paris Hilton to revamp her iconic cameo line: “camera phones are the autograph of the 21st century”. You’re so right Paris. And we obviously need to know if Seth and Summer had children.

#4 The Hills

Now they’ve cleared up that the whole thing was scripted (or did they?), why not go wild and give us even more drama? Like, I just feel like, it would almost, like, be, like, really cool, if they just did it already, like, you know?

#5 Daria

There’s a fake reunion trailer out there, starring none other than real life Daria Aubrey Plaza, but imagine Daria’s thoughts on the Insta-generation? It would be so good.

#6 Laguna Beach

This show is the reason we have The Hills, so image what a reboot could spawn?

#7 Charmed

The Charmed finale rounded things up pretty nicely, but their children are totally charmed too, so we obviously need a spin off at the very least. Imagine high school-aged demons and warlocks you guys, imagine…

#8 Twin Peaks

So Twin Peaks kinda went downhill after the major plot line was resolved, and a movie was released as the prequel, but we just want more David Lynch weirdness in our lives – is that too much to ask?

#9 Alias

Let’s be real, there’s always space for more badass girls on our screens, hence why we need Alias to come back. We know Sydney is only semi-retired and also has a daughter with the same gifts as her… smells like an interesting plot line.

#10 I Dream Of Jeanie

An oldie but a goodie, I Dream Of Jeanie has already had made-for-TV reunions, but imagine Jeanie’s high jinks if she came out of the bottle to 2016 to discover the man-bun had jacked her swag?

#11 My So Called Life

One season was just not enough. We need more young Jared Leto on our screens, we just need more.

#11 Xena: Warrior Princess

Ok, so technically Xena died in the last episode. But, she did promise us her ghost would live. Xena: The Ghost Warrior Princess?

#13 Fawlty Towers

After only two seasons, we’re pretty sure Fawlty Towers is due for a reunion. What ever became of Basil the rat? Does he have kids? Are they doing OK? Did they get the OP they were dreaming of? So many questions, so few answers.

#14 Dawson’s Creek

While Dawson’s Creek technically ended on a ‘reunion’ episode, we still want them back in our lives. Plus, Katie Holmes still looks the same so they could run with the same story line.

#15 Fear Factor

This show was so foul, we couldn’t look away. So many coffins full of worms, water, cockroaches… yuck!

#16 So Little Time

Imagine Mary Kate and Ashley doing their own show now? It would be so so good, you guys, so good. Think less high school corridors more NYFW run ways #slay.

#17 Rugrats

Where are they now? What outfits do they wear? We want answers.

#18 Animorphs

Imagine Animorphs with today’s special effects? We’re guessing it would be a whole lot cooler than the original.

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