5 Easy Steps To A Leaner You

By Desta Cullen
20th Feb 2014

We all want a quick fix miracle pill to solve all our diet and exercise gripes but in reality it is never quite so easy. 

Getting that svelte, fit and healthy bod' is going to take a little bit of sweat and hard work, but thankfully our friends at Function Well in Newstead have the closest thing to a magic pill. 

What if we told you you could have a leaner and cleaner body in only one month, just by following these 5 easy steps? 

You might call us crazy, but, trust us, it's do-able. And all you have to do is take one little pledge, and sign up to the 28 Day Clean & Lean Challenge by February 26th. 

To make it really easy, we've taken you through the steps below so you know exactly what you're in for.

Step 1: Take the Pledge

By signing up for the 28 Day Clean & Lean Challenge you are committing to put your body in the hands of the expert team of naturopaths and performance coaches at Function Well, and letting the body transformation begin!

Step 2: Detox for 7 days

We all know there are some pretty nasty toxins getting around (some of them are inside you right now). The Function Well team tell us you will get the most out of your exercise and diet if you start from a clean base. After heading to the super informative clean and lean seminar (run by Function Well naturopath, Monique Kelly and performance coach Andy Steven), you will be given a detailed detox plan and a nutrition and lifestyle checklist to start the challenge.

Step 3: Eat clean

The team at Function Well believes that no matter what your training regime is like, one of the biggest factors in getting you seriously fit is your diet. Clean eating advocates to the core, they will provide you with a comprehensive eating plan and recipes to make sure nothing gets in the way of your results. 

Step 4: Train harder each session

During the 7-day detox, the focus will be on Yin-based activities and strength sessions with low reps (it's not punishment!) and detoxifying saunas. But once the cleanse phase is over, it's time to sweat it out. The aim of the game is challenging your body and making you jump out of that comfort zone. But don't stress, the weekly sessions will all be planned out for you, and you can attend Function Well's results based group training sessions so all you have to do is turn up.

Step 5: Make it happen

Motivation can be hard to find sometimes, so Function Well will keep your spirits up with daily emails and messages while you track your progress on the pledge board to inspire you to make it happen

See? It couldn't be more easy peasy!

Contact the team at Function Well now to get registered before the 26th of February!

Image Credit: French Vogue, Fashercise

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