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7 Friday Drinks Locations That Aren’t Fridays!

By AJ James
18th Oct 2013

How good are Fridays? You wake up on this very sacred day knowing it'll be great. Maybe you'll grab breakfast with a friend before work, perhaps you'll go out and get something extra delicious for lunch and then, come 3pm, someone in the office might put on a mix tape (possibly one of ours?) and, before you know it, it'll be knock off time! #mint #hooray #highfive. Even the captain of the fun police (aka your boss) loves a Friday.

And so, in an ode to Friday, we bring you six of our favourite spots for knock-off drinks, and non co-incidentally, none of them are Fridays Riverside. The criteria we've based this on? Good vibes, good people, good drinks, and some food to boot.

Lefty's Old Time Music Hall
Now with a cult following, some local residents are calling it 'HQ' for their weekend activities. Good times await as this vintage-themed drinking establishment. You cannot fault the drinks (hello whisky with fresh apple juice) and the boys behind the bar are bearded, tattoo clad, and ever so cool. They also do onion rings, which are ideal to help you carry on with your colleagues/motley crew into the evening.

Wooloongabba's BirdCage is famous for their moreish Pan Asian fare (seriously, try the fried, whole snapper. Yum.), but this restaurant also has a great bar, with a killer cocktail menu to boot. Highlights include the Black Mojito with The Kraken black spiced rum, and the BirdCage Martini with Havana Club White Rum, Chambord, lemon grass and pineapple juice. Wash a few drink down with a plate of their pork belly spring rolls and you've got yourself a decent night out.

Tucked just off West End's main drag on Browning Street, and open from 1pm on Fridays, West End's newest, hippest whiskey bar is dangerously accessible for knock-off drinks. Enter the cool, dark surrounds of Cobbler with an after-work crew in tow, and be transported to a land of cocktails and co-worker camaraderie. Plus, they have a new spring cocktail menu. Because we all like our drinks as seasonally appropriate as possible. Whiskey sours, anyone? Oh and did we mention you BYO food?

TUL loves Jamie's and its namesake. We also love Carmella and Beau, now the part owners. Why do we love them? That's easy. Come Friday you gather in their courtyard, or pull up a chair at the bar. You work your way through a bowl of nuts (how fun are pistachios!), order an Aperol (or whatever your poison), and see how the night will unfold. It's relaxing, the prices are good and their tunes ease you into the weekend. It's a great spot in which to plan the rest of your night from.

Sixes and Sevens
Yes, it's ever so conveniently located close to our office, which makes the transition from the desk to the bar stool virtually seamless. There are cocktails to share, plates to snack on, and astro turf to perch upon. Ten points. Admittedly, it can get a little crowded, but that's ok by us as the staff are so switched on and efficient, largely thanks to Neal, who runs the ship.

Mr and Mrs G
Woah. What a view, and as it's heating up, grabbing some of the river breezes in the afternoon is a jolly good idea in our humid city. The cocktail list is lust worthy — who's for a Rhubard Shrub with gin, rhubard soda, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar? The vinegar, you see, makes it 'healthy', and there are many spring-like bites to snack upon, e.g reef fish cakes with coriander and lime.

Riverbar and Kitchen
It always pulls a crowd at the end of the working week and it's not hard to see why. Long tables to gather at, food to pick at (should you be peckish) screens to watch the game on (should there be a game to watch) and… PIMMS JUGS!

These are just a few spots we love to frequent on a Friday afternoon after work. Where are your top spots for a knock-off of late?

Image credit: Daniel Maddock, Cobbler, Daniel Maddock

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