Just 10 Bachelorette Men With Cute Animals

By Bec Digby
27th Sep 2017

bachelorette-man-with dog

Unless you’ve been living under a TV-free rock, you’ll already know The Bachelorette is back. And while our spirit animal, Sophie Monk, dates 18 of Australia’s finest (weeeellll?) we’re focusing on the big issues. Do the men have cute animals in their lives?  

This stuff is important okay. Oh, and you’re welcome. We know you wanted this in your life—you just didn’t know it yet.

Luke McLeod 

Any man who befriends stray doggos (and gives them adorable names like Moonlight) is a total babe in our books. And if that’s not enough, gorgeous Border Collie Coda will win you over. We think we’ve just found our winner!


Two of my all time favs!! #tb

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James Trethewie 

We have no words for this one. You’re welcome ladies.


Wesley �� #dogsofinstgram #wesleysnipes #weinersout

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Blake Colman 

Blake knows the secret to life’s biggest issue is a cute pooch in one hand—oh, and a delicious looking cocktail in the other, obvs. 


Who let the dogs out... Friday night lights... Cocktails...

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Hayden Felsenthal 

We’re not sure anyone can compete with this doggo. Watch yourself, Soph. 


When Haydy met Ralphy

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Jarrod Woodgate 

While he’s had no problem wooing our Soph, it appears Jarrod has a secret weapon. He may not be in the photo with this cutie, but at this point, do you really care?

Apollo Jackson 

The man on horse scenario has been the beginning to many the fairytale. Cue Apollo with ridiculously cute miniature ponies. 

Bingham Fitz Henry 

Excuse us while we ditch our day job for the #farmlife. 

Mackane Reid 

If you squint reeeeeallly hard, you’ll notice Mackane is holding an orangutan. Yes. 

Harry Ferran 

If Harry’s got an animal, we don’t know about it. But if we had to guess, we’d peg him as a dolphin guy

Chad Monkhouse 

Luckily, it seems  Soph clued on early to the fact that this guy is missing one important thing: a cute fur baby. We guess a cute baby will do instead. 


Some quality time spent with little Jett this morning ����#JMonk #nephew #unclemonkey #eyeswideopened

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Just here for the halloumi fries? We got you.

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