Beat the Heat | Early Morning Exercise Ideas for Summer

By aj james
8th Jan 2014

If Instagram is anything to go by, celebrities seem to have the whole 'effortlessly exercising outdoors in summer' thing down to a fine art. While the likes of Miranda Kerr can make beachside yoga seem like an attractive activity, in reality, exercising in the sweltering summer heat is about as far from glamorous as you can get (making back sweat look attractive is a tough gig).

While we all want to be at our most ripped for beach season, finding the motivation (and hydration) to get out the door and get your body movin' when it's 40 plus degrees outside is quite the challenge. The answer, of course, is to beat the heat and get your workout in before the sun really starts cooking. Like the proverbial early bird, you'll nab that worm and have your workout done before the rest of us are hitting snooze.

Whether you're on a fitness bent for the new year, or just need some exercise inspiration to replace your usual daily jog/walk/stumble, here are our picks of some cracking early morning exercise ideas and where to do them. Get up and at 'em!

Get Swimming
Yep. Swimming laps is one tranquil way to start the day and at the bare minimum you need just googles and bathers. You can get some calories burning, your metabolism firing and considering water is nearly 800 times denser than air, each kick, push and pull is like a mini resistance workout, particularly for your core. Yeronga Park Pool and Centenary Pool are our picks for morning laps.

Abs and Butts
The super healthy (and convenient) Lorna Jane Active Living Room in the Gasworks precinct offers an array of classes that kick off from 6:15 am. We have our eye on the Abs and Butts class, which only costs 2 buckeroos! Yes, that's right, $2. Feeling firmer already?

We asked around and it's got some serious devotees, and billed as a place for those with a vested interest in their functional fitness. Touted as where to go to maximise your strength, develop power and build endurance, the classes are every morning at both 5 and 6am. Their motto is "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow"… and it's more refreshing than your token #fitspo hashtag that seems to be the trending mantra ATM. If it all looks somewhat intense, they do offer a one week free trial, so you can "dip your toes", so to speak.

Hot Yoga
Tracey Anderson, the pocket rocket trainer behind Gwyenth Paltrow's physique, says you need to warm up the muscles if you want to work them. And work them you will in a hot yoga class. Fusion Hot Yoga at Kangaroo Point run an hour-long class that kicks off at 5.45am, so you and your warmed up and limber as muscles will be off your mat and into your day well before your less lithe contemporaries have even risen.

Boot Camp
if you're the type who needs some help getting motivated (and, let's face it, if we're talking early starts you probably will) then bootcamp could be a good option. The Brisbane Bootcamp for Women has group sessions that kick off from 5:30am.

West End Boxing
It's no secret we love this gym (check out previous write up here) and with good reason. For $10 ($8 if you're a student) you'll spend an hour working up a sweat in a very fun environment. There's skipping to do, punches to throw, kettle bells to swing and planks to hold. Classes are at 6am, 7am and 8am Monday to Friday AND for the really early rises, try a 5am session on Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday. The instructors are awesome; you'll be pushed hard, but encouraged along the way.

Know a great early morning training spot? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Self Magazine

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