Loosen Your Belt, Here’s Where To Find Brisbane’s Best Lasagne

By Samantha Chariton
27th Feb 2020

Brisbane's best lasagne

As anyone with a disturbing amount of turmeric in their pantry will tell you, food trends come and go. But as we chuckle nostalgically at snaps of ice cream curls and cronuts in our Facebook memories, there’s one love affair that will always stands the test of time.

You know it. We know it. Garfield, OG grumpy cat, knows it. When the air starts turning chilly, we think lasagne. If a friend has too many bottles of red, we think lasagne. And if Brisbane needs a breakdown of the city’s best damn spaghetti cakes—we say lasagne.

Prova Pizzeria

Stafford Heights

From Garfield to Gino D’Acampo, the love for lasagne has always been stacked pretty high. Or so we thought. Prova Pizzeria have pulled out the six-foot ladder and officially gone next level with a 100 layer lasagne. No hyperbole here: this dish is seriously 100 layers of fresh pasta, beef ragu, béchamel, mozzarella, and parmesan. Stack city, baby.

Casa Nostra

Fortitude Valley

If Casa Nostra’s lasagne croccante, an individual closed crispy lasagne made using fresh pasta sheets and filled with the chef’s ingredient of the day before being baked until golden brown and crunchy, doesn’t fill you with delight, we’ve got two words for you: pasta degustation. Yes, you can get this layered goodness as one course in a five-course carb-loaded degustation. What a time to be alive.

Il Centro


The main. The myth. The legend. Il Centro’s sandcrab lasagne is as thickly layered into Brisbane lore as their—well, you geddit. Plant yourself at this Eagle Street icon for sprawling river views, oodles of good wine, and layers of creamy, sandcrab sauce, pasta and a craving you won’t kick for weeks.

Gianni’s Kitchen


In true Newstead fashion, Gianni’s Kitchen is OTT Italian in the best way possible. With Michelin-starred Chef Rossano Tantulli standing at the helm, here’s your PSA for the night: toss those carb limits out the door, wear pants with some give, and prepare to be wined-and-dined by the Lasagne Toscana, a layered Adonis of beef ragu, fior de latte mozzarella and béchamel.

Pane e Vino


Buona sera, bella. Trust us: once you step inside this inner-city gem, you’ll be whispering sweet nothings to your menu, too. The D’Arienzo family has been drawing carb-starved crowds since 1996, so there’s high-scoring rep behind their classic lasagne. Take a long lunch break and thank us later.

The Roman Empire


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it doesn’t take a genius in a carb coma to see why. Unbuckle your pants and prepare to be as useless as the g in lasagne, ‘cause Carindale’s bringing the goods. Dive into a traditional southern lasagne crafted with layers of housemade pasta and rich Bolognese sauce.

Colle Rosso

Red Hill

Throwback Thursday’s got nothing on this. Colle Rosso’s apt for spinning traditional, rustic Italian meals will have you convinced Nonna’s taken over the kitchen. Hell, even the food is repping the Italian colours! Check out the Lasagna Tricolore, layered with spinach, rich Napoli sauce, and creamy béchamel.

Love to carb-load? Check out all of Brisbane’s best Italian joints here.

Image credit: Sam Pickering

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