Freshen Your Digits With Brisbane Distillery’s New Hand Sanitiser

By Jessica Best
24th Mar 2020

brisbane distillery hand sanitiser

Drastic times call for drastic measures and if that means turning craft spirits into hand sanitiser, we’re here for it. 

West End's Brisbane Distillery is no stranger to creativity (they’ve come up with many a quirky gin flavour after all). So, it’ll come as no surprise that this crew is now at the forefront of yet another boozy-inspired invention.

There’s no doubt germ-killing hand sanitiser is in high demand right now, and in response to our COVID-19 affected times, Brisbane Distillery has scaled back on their gin production to switch to sanitiser making instead, using their own distilled base alcohol. 

They’ll be supplying bulk 20 litre containers of the good stuff to healthcare workers at a discounted rate, but anyone can buy a two litre, five litre or 500ml bottle. And maybe grab a bottle of Brisbane Distillery's vodka, gin or agricole rhum while you're at it? 

If you just want the booze, check out these businesses bringing it to your door.

Image credit: Brisbane Distillery

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