Brisbane’s 50 Best Asian Dishes We’re Obsessed With

By Alex Topakas
22nd Aug 2017


Whether it's takeout night or a fancy dining occasion, Brisbane's best Asian restaurants always come to the table—no matter what you're in to. There will always be a (pretty big) part of us that yearns for top-notch Asian cuisine: from deep fried ice cream bao, classic Pad Thai and xiao long bao, to all of the bingsoo, there is nothing that hits the spot more than your fave Asian dish.

Put your dreams of that SE Asian getaway on hold, because we've got the 50 best Asian dishes in Brisbane to tickle your tastebuds. They're pho-bulous.

Throw out those shopping lists Brisbane—we have your dinner sorted! 

1. Chu The Phat’s smoked and fried half duck with green chilli sauce. Don't ask, just do.

2. Bao eggs benedict with pork belly and kale chips from Chop Chop Chang’s.

3. The crispy, soft perfection that is Mrs Luu’s banh mi.

4. Kwan Brothers’ ice cream deep fried bao. Incredible.

5. The perfectly juicy xiao long bao from Fat Dumpling.

6. Bonsai Bontanika’s matcha cake and iced chocolate for all the sweet tooth's.

7. Seoul Bistro’s honey wasabi fried chicken. Because when isn’t chicken a winning dinner?

8. Sakuraya’s taro milk tea (with pulp!).

9. Pan-Asian Berkshire pork belly at the Bird Cage—get in our bellies.

10. Sonder’s refreshing green tea parfait.

11. The beef brisket stew with noodle knots at Happy Boy. 'Dem knots, though...

12. Treat yourself to Yuzu & Co.’s karaage chicken with charcoal buns. 

13. Feeling a bit fancy? Order Madame Wu’s tea salted duck.

14. The Wandering Matilda’s Malaysian nasi goreng will blow your mind.

15. Any of the baos from Bao Down Now. *Drool*.

16. Mamaku’s Kripit Kulit Babi (a utterly delicious bowl of pork crackling).

17. Tapi’s bubblegum bubble tea—you’ve got to try this!

18. Cafe O Mai's banh mi and pho are some of the best in Brisbane.

19. Nene Chicken’s green tea and black sesame soft serve has your dessert sorted.

20. Mizu’s breakfast bento box and agedashi tofu are a total foodgasm. 

21. A lavender milk hot pot at Cafe 7-8 is the best way to wind down. Come rain or shine.

22. Longtime’s pad see ew, because when isn’t pad see ew a great idea?

23. Bird Nest’s infamous yakitori—that sauce, though!

24. Kinn Thai’s Pumpkin Stir Fry.

25. Passion Tree's green tea bingsoo.

26. Just Soy Cafe’s soy custard.

27. Taro’s Ramen. Because ramen. 

28. Genkotsu Ramen’s fresh beef ramen. Again, because ramen. 

29. Rogue Spice’s grilled coconut beef is well worth the schlep to The Valley.

30. Tan Thanh’s com tam—pork chop, shredded pork skin, pork cake, a fried egg and pickled veg—is like nothing else, and well worth it!

31. Heya Bar’s mushroom and tapioca gyoza really hits the spot.

32. Phat Pho’s ca phe sua da (iced coffee)—mixed with condensed milk!

33. Wagaya’s tempura and noodles. A match made in heaven.

34. Motto Motto’s Poke bowl.

35. Suki’s insta-famous sushi burrito. We just can’t get enough.

36. The green tea creme brûlée at Sweet Treats.

37. Also, the iced royal Thai tea latte at Sweet Treats. Back-to-back. They're that good.

38. Libertine Restaurant & Cocktail Bar’s green papaya salad.

39. Longtime’s soft shell crab bao (mind blowing).

40. Sake’s sashimi. 

41. Banana Leaf’s red duck curry is spice galore.

42. Mee goreng from Fat Noodle.

43. The Vietnamese’s crispy duck. 

44. San Kai’s Unagi—mind blowing.

45. Nest’s classic Pad Thai. 

46. Harajuku Gyoza’s nutella gyoza. 

47. Sushi Kotobuki’s bento boxes - convenient and delicious.

48. Wagaya Japanese’s vegetarian bento box. 

49. Kabuki’s rice bowls & miso soup. 

50. Citron’s yellow curry, for peak curry feels.

More into your pizza? Never fear, we've got you covered for that, too.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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