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Brisbane’s Best Brownies | 2015 Edition

By Catherine Blake
25th Mar 2015

Perfectly seated between mudcake and fudge on the baker’s spectrum, brownies are the no-forks-required embodiment of love in the modern world. The right brownie makes you feel like your entire being is wrapped in a molten blanket of chocolatey cuddles with the first bite. The next moment you’re splayed across a starlit rainbow, wildly brandishing fluorescent banners of sparkling comets while a chorus of porcelain ottomans chant the lyrics from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’…

Fortunately Brisbane’s best brownies are notorious for evoking that exact sensation; no hash or gluten required.

Here are our picks of Brisbane’s best brownies for 2015 (brownie connoisseurs keep an eye out for the new additions): 

Dello Mano


Their slabs of delicious, fudgy awe have been setting the standard for Brisbane’s best brownies for almost a decade. And who can forget the time Ashton Kutcher imported a whole bunch of Dello Mano’s brownies to Paris for his birthday? (The same man whom Mila Kunis chose to procreate with. Maybe this is why…).

I Heart Brownies


Ubiquitous in cafes, markets and hearts the city over, I Heart Brownies’ gluten-free wonders can be loved by all. We can only describe the cherry coconut or salted caramel varieties as splendiferous.

Noosa Chocolate Factory 


Hand-crafted in Queensland from the Noosa Chocolate Factory’s finest 73% dark chocolate, Amy’s brownies are almost rude. Scratch that, they are completely irreverent. Pop into either the Adelaide Street or Westfield stores for a luscious, homegrown brownie experience.

Cocoa Elf

Various market locations and online

Purely and totally devoted to the brownie game, the Cocoa Elf makes all 15 different varieties of brownie explosigasms from scratch. Our favourites are the triple chocolate, fig and Muscat, or coffee and cream. Cocoa Elf are also masters of celebration, so for your next big do order one of their brownie towers and BOW DOWN.

Flour & Chocolate


Flour & Chocolate…plus butter, sugar, some eggs and BOOM, you’ve got some of Brisbane’s finest brownies. The spoon-wielding masterminds behind this iconic Brisbane bakery bake their brownies and blondies in every kind of flavour, and often gluten free. The baker who wrote the recipe for their cheesecake brownie receives more marriage proposals per year than anyone else. True story. 


Red Hill

By now you’re familiar with Botanica’s wondrous strawberry cupcakes and we’re thrilled to say that their brownies are just as mind-expanding. As with all their sweet things, Botanica’s brownies are decadent, moreish and completely gluten free.

Pearl Café 


Purveyors of whimsy, the gentle folk of Pearl Café hold a tenured place in my heart not only because they bake on site but because their flourless brownies consistently reduce me to a gooey puddle of joy.

Spring Hill Deli

Spring Hill

The resident battersmith down at Spring Hill Deli is a mystical being with the appearance of a human and the powers of a unicorn. Due to the pure majesty and brilliance of the brownies that come out of their kitchen I can arrive at no other logical conclusion. 

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Image credit: Broma Bakery

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