Is This Brisbane’s Best New Breakfast?

By Desta Cullen
23rd Jan 2014

We are always on the hunt for Brisbane's best new breakfast. 

It's a serious task, but because we also seriously love breakfast, it's not too hard to do the necessary 'research' to find Brisbane's best new breakfast, just to make sure you stay ahead of the hungry hordes.

So we were more than excited—in that screamy, will-faint-at-any-moment way that tweens at a One Direction concert are excited—when our friends at Canvas in Woolloongabba told us about their new breakfast offering. 

Canvas is best known for its funky brand of post-work drinks (great cocktails and beer list, right here people), Spanish-inspired tapas (plus pizza), and super laid-back atmosphere, as well as a spankin' new alfresco courtyard, but we are asking you to put those dinner thoughts aside for now.

Because, well, Brisbane's best new breakfast spots take precedence. And not only is Canvas now doing weekend breakfast, but they are also doing breakfast cocktails. Hooray to that, we say. 

And new owners Dan Rodriguez and Bodie Schofield—who took over from Emily and Marco Nunes—are pretty darn excited to be bringing some delicious breakfast fare to the hungry weekend breakfast packs.

A neat and nicely put together menu, with a lovely touch of flair, make Canvas a must do on our list.

Is This Brisbane's Best Breakfast

Dishes like the "Inigo Montoya" - a Princess Bride-inspired Spanish omelette - and the "Green Eggs with Sam" (aka cured salmon and zucchini corn fritters with poached eggs and pea tendrils) are just some of the delights to be sampled.  

It won't be long until the lines are out the door on Saturday and Sunday, with folks eager to try this little gem's new breakfast menu, and the lovely outdoor courtyard so get in fast. (Just don't forget their mid-week lunch and dinner offerings are also some of Brisbane's best).

Image Credit: Canvas, What Katie Ate

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