9 of Brisbane’s Most WTF Meals

By Catherine Blake
18th Mar 2015

If you think the Internet is a minefield of whacknuts and fetish, Brisbane’s food scene isn’t much safer. 

Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, the Brisbane food scene is ace. But there are some Brisbane restaurants who’ve taken their dishes to extreme levels of kookiness. Freaky desserts, chaotic flavor combinations, and meals so terrifyingly calorific they’re just plain old crazy, these are Brisbane’s weirdest foods.

Red Hook's Elvis Burger

Brisbane CBD

This combination is so revolutionary it has to be kept off the menu. Only for gluttons in the know, Red Hook’s Elvis burger comes with a Wagyu beef pattie, melted cheese, peanut butter, battered pickles, crispy bacon and special sauce on a fluffy-as-a-pillow bun. It’s no wonder why everyone calls it the King of Burgers. 

Gelateria Cremona's Gelato


Known for making some of the most traditional gelati in Brisbane, Gelateria Cremona’s ever-changing menu is anything but.  Besides celebratory flavours like lamington or Anzac biscuit, Cremona is always experimenting with radical flavours like pear and blue cheese, Earl Grey tea, and grapefruit with Campari. Rest assured there is method in the madness as many of their weird and wonderful combinations come via customer suggestion. 

Chocolate Komberry Co.'s Cruffins


You’ve seen the van, you’ve heard tales of the cronut, now Brisbane food truck, Chocolate Komberry has a new heartstopping indulgence: the cruffin. Yup, the combined powers of croissant dough and muffin tins have collided in a warped, sugary palpitation of gastronomical novelty. Scoff it down and enjoy free use of the defibrillator with every purchase. Not sufficiently impressed? The banana, Nutella, and bacon stuffed milky bun will sort you out. Is this dessert or dinner? No one can say, but rest assured it will nearly kill you.

Getta Burger's Apple Pie Milkshake


Unleashing the whimsical fantasies of their inner children, the folk at Getta will blend a slice of pie from their dessert menu into your milkshake, resulting in the dairy apocalypse. This nifty shake—available as a menu special—doubles as a time-hack for anyone who has ever had to choose between a drink and a dessert, por qué no los dos? 

Heya's Cheesburger Spring Rolls

Fortitude Valley

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘Asian-fusion’, new Brisbane bar Heya’s cheeseburger spring roll comes stuffed with bacon, beef, and caramelised onion and is served with lettuce, aioli, and a pickle.

Dello Mano's Hot Cross Bun Brownies

New Farm

Massive fans of hot crossies that we are, the promise of a mutant hybrid that merges these Easter treaties with one of our other loves, the brownie, is a freaky food fusion we're all over. Dello Mano, we salute you.

Queen of Pops's Caffeineted Popsicles


The Australian obsession with café culture is nothing new, and our love of the five basic coffees is fairly well documented across the land. But what if I told you that some geniuses on the north side have revolutionized the coffee game completely? Fusing our love of coffee with a desire to keep cool, and taking the childish popsicle to the dark side, Queen of Pops (by those buzzed legends at Dandelion & Driftwood) have developed a series of coffee popsicles, each containing a double shot of ristretto for maximum boost. For a truly psychedelic experience try their long-black pop. 

Chester Street Bakery and Bar's Nutella Lasagne


Say hello to Chester Street’s Nutella lasagna — a combination so whacked and delicious we wish we’d thought of it first. Layer of cake upon Nutella upon cake, topped with cherries and marshmallows, this is not what Nonna used to make, and we’re loving it sick.

Cowch's Bacon Ice Cream

South Bank

Breakfast is the one meal of the day you can usually play it safe, but Cowch has other ideas. Their Canadienne Breakfast Waffle Bowl comes topped with bacon ice cream and maple—a start to the day that guaranteed to leave you feeling porky.

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Image credit: Erik Walsh

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