Christmas Boxes For Your Floof Exist And It’s A Christmas Miracle

By Jessica Pridmore
29th Nov 2017


When it comes to enjoying Christmas shopping you’re either the kind of person that plans an entire day/night trip to your local shopping haunt, or you order everything online because the very thought of sharing your shopping trip with a TRILLION other stressed out souls is not your idea of a good time.

In between stocking up on soaps for your nan and jocks and socks for dad, your poor floof—the very being that brings you joy and happiness 365 days a year—gets a quick pat, the turkey leftovers and a bowl of kibble. And that’s just not on, frankly.

Local legends Floof has set up shop just in time for Christmas, ensuring your pup doesn’t get left off Santa’s pressie list this year.

Starting at a measly $49 Floof boxes are filled with locally sourced goodies like a cute AF Donutz Toy, Bondi Wash Dog Wash, organic doggo treats from A La Bark Dog Treats and Raw and Natural Pet Supplies, Biotuff biodegradable poop bags—even a Mister Woof harness for looking extra fly when pounding the pavement.

So make sure your pup gets decked out this year—they bloody well deserve it the little furballs.

Image credit: Floof

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