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Downey Park Food Truck Festival Is Back This Weekend

By Catherine Blake
18th Mar 2015

Everyone who’s tired of chasing Brisbane’s food trucks, listen up!

This Sunday 22 March, some of Brisbane’s favourite tucker-trucks will be rolling into Downey Park’s lush landscape in a repeat of February’s absolutely corking food truck-a-thon!

In recent months the Brisbane food truck community’s con-voyage around our magnificent city has brought feasty pleasure and delight to all and sundry. Because they appreciate us just as much as we appreciate them, they’ve rounded themselves up so we don’t have to go hunting them down anymore (which, next to deciding what to order, is the hardest part about making dinner). 

As for choice of trucks at Downey Park Food Truck Festival, you’ll be spoiled beyond repair. Kicking off from 3pm, you can expect appearances from the likes of ChipTease, Chocolate Komberry, Puerto Taco, Pizzantica, German Sausage Hut, Little Back, Gourmet H-Dogz, Vira Lata and Sate House, plus a whole bunch more I can’t mention because I’m already starving.

Take heed, food truck fans: Last month’s Downey Park Food truck Festival was a sell-out, so our advice is get there early.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it this Sunday, Downey Park Food Trucks is set to become a recurring fixture of 2015 so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bliss out in what is essentially a catered picnic. Bless their 10-inch alloys.

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Image credit: Sophia McMeekin

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