Get Comfy, You Can Hire Out This Entire Cinema For A Big Screen Gaming Session

By Ranyhyn Laine
10th Aug 2020

a man in a pink hoodie holds out a gaming control

No matter how big the television you’ve got at home, we bet that after spending the last few months pretty much glued to it, with nothing to do except put in hours and hours of game time, you’re thinking maybe you need a bigger one. Well before you go dropping a fortnight’s worth of Jobkeeper on a new plasma, here’s some news that will get you out of the house and playing your favourite game on the biggest screen ever—you can now book private cinema hire just for gaming at Event Cinemas

Yep, you can book out an entire cinema for just you and your console, with two hours to spend gaming on the big screen. If you think that sounds a bit lonely, don’t worry, you can take in up to 19 of your mates—so your next Mario Kart night just went next level. 

All you have to do is bring your own console and favourite game, and Event Cinemas will connect it to their projection system for the game to be beamed up onto the big screen. Whether you want to host your own FIFA tournament, battle it out with Super Smash Bros or just get a really good look at the incred graphics in Last Of Us Part 2, you’ll get the giant screens and epic surround sound all to yourself. 

There’s more than one cinema type available, with the original, V-MAX and even Gold Class cinemas able to be booked, and food and beverage packages on offer as well. Bottomless popcorn refills? Yes please. 

Already charging up your wireless controls in readiness? To find out more and book, just email eventexclusives@evt.com.

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Image credit: Florian Gagnepa 

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