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The Gresham | The Verdict

By Phil Swan
6th Nov 2013

Hold on to your hats, cowboys, there's a new whiskey bar in town!

The Gresham Bar, tucked down Gresham Lane just off Queen Street in the middle of the Brisbane CBD, is definitely worth checking out if you're a whiskey fan, or you just appreciate a good, old-fashioned bar.

The Gresham isn't your typical CBD bar. There are no jugs of Toohey's, no sticky carpets, and not a pokie machine in sight — just the way we like it!

The location of this bar is dripping with history. Walking through the large cedar doors at The Gresham is like stepping back in time. 'The Gresham' was originally the name of a hotel that was built across the road in 1890, and was one of the first buildings in Brisbane to have electricity.

The bar takes many design and styling cues from this period, from the original timber floorboards, to the Chesterfield couches, right up to the 7-metre high pressed metal ceilings. The styling is impeccable.

The Gresham-1

Speaking of impeccable, have you seen the line up of bourbon, scotch and rums they have behind the bar? The list is longer than your grandad's ears! It's plain to see that a lot of time and effort has been placed into carefully selecting the spirits list.

You know you're sitting in a true whiskey bar when the "premium" whiskeys you buy from your bottle-o are the house whiskeys.

There is also a great list of local craft and commercial beers on offer. If a beer by itself is a bit boring for you, why not order one of our five flavour-matched boilermakers they've carefully constructed? A Bulmers Cider with a shot of Sloe gin perhaps?

There is one list of beverages we haven't mentioned yet, which the experienced bartenders at The Gresham are gaining notoriety for… their cocktails! These are not cocktails in the traditional sense, however they will still whip up an espresso martini or long island iced tea if you so desire. The majority of cocktails are whiskey-based, and if you're new to the amber fluid this could be a great stepping-stone to Whiskey Town.

The Gresham-3

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Image credit: The Gresham; Phil Swan

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