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The Hottest Food Trends for 2014

By Phoebe Hurst
17th Jan 2014

Hey you, yes you with the carefully coiffed facial hair and Woody Allen shirt. We know you're a pretty cool cat, you like to be in the know about what's in and out and you're definitely not one to miss a rising trend. But have you given any thought to the social value of the food on your fork? You don't want the stuff on your plate bringing you down in the cool stakes. Kale is soooo last season and squashed cheese sandwiches never look good on Instagram – it's time to get with the 2014 food trend agenda, people!

Okay, so food fads are a little silly and we're not suggesting you throw your chia seeds to the bush turkeys, but taking note of foodie fashion is a great way to expand your palate and explore our city's thriving dining scene. Here are a couple of our favourite culinary trends forecasted for 2014.

Locally Sourced

Brisbane is no stranger to fresh produce (just check this month's markets listings) but locally sourced ingredients are set to be big on menus this year. A recent survey of American chefs found that 'local sourcing' figured in the top ten trends of 2014, as customers favour food grown in their region over extortionate air miles. We're inclined to agree. Who could resist Plenty's push to 'know your farmer' and Organics at Marcia's sustainable produce, much of which is grown right here in the Sunshine State?


Move over quinoa, there's a new superfood in town. Kaniwa is the nutrient rich grain originally from the mountains of Peru and now making its way to a plethora of salads and stir fry dishes near you. Its mild nutty flavour also makes it ideal for combining into porridge – and what health food junkie can resist a super charged breakfast? These brown seeds may be little, but Kaniwa is set to be big in 2014.

Gluten Free

Coeliacs rejoice! Gluten free dining is big this year as more people find health benefits in avoiding wheat gluten. Expect to see more buckwheat pasta, more grains and increasingly inventive baked goods. Of course Brisbane already has the GF thing covered, try Claret House for wheat-free deliciousness (owner Lili is a coeliac herself) or head over to Woolloongabba's Baker's Arms and Botanica Real Food in Red Hill for gluten-free baked treats.

Trash Fish

'Trash fish' describes the sea critters that often end up in the nets of commercial fisherman but don't usually make it to the restaurant menu (think eels, carp, triggerfish). 2014 sees these traditionally unpopular fish make a comeback as eco-conscious (and thrifty!) chefs respond to the problem of overfishing. Fish heads and collars have been causing a stir in restaurants over in the States but here in Brisbane, we're one step ahead. Samie's Girl Fresh Seafood Market has been selling unusual sea specimen for years and Swampdog prides itself on serving up ethically sourced f&c to Brisbane's ethically minded fish fans.

Mutant Mash Ups

Fancy a pizza covered in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with strawberries and coconut? Maybe not right now, but by the end of these 12 months, we're willing to bet you'll be a convert. Forbes predicts that 'mutant morsels' like the dessert pizza and croissant-donut hybrid are big news in 2014 (just watch out for the ramen-noodle burger bun). If we've spiked your curiosity re sweet pizzas, Il Posto have a nutella calzoncino that comes with vanilla bean ice cream.

Image Credit: Broad Appetite

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