How to Get a Date This Valentine’s Day

By Sophia McMeekin
2nd Feb 2014

When you're single, Valentine's Day can be a total kick in the guts. If you're concerned you won't be on the receiving end of a stuffed gorilla declaring, "I'm bananas about you" come February the 14th, you can do the easy thing—the quitter's thing—and stay at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry's watching Sleepless in Seattle moping about how there is no real-man version of Tom Hanks like a sad sack, or you can get out there and actually meet somebody.

Singles mixers used to be the stuff of single girl nightmares. Then Tinder came along and now, suddenly, a curated mixer of attractive, smart, 30-somethings doesn't sound the least bit horrific. As a matter of fact, in this day-and-age of d*ck pics, fraudsters, and left swipe rejections it sounds like a very wholesome, sensible approach to finding a partner.

There's a host of fun events on this Valentine's Day in Brisbane to help you find Mr or Mrs Right. We've done our resreach and roundup the best singles events in town.

For Beer Loving Singletons

Bitter Suite are hosting a single's cocktail party on the big night, where a ticket will get you a drink upon arrival, canapes, and a shot at true love. For $35, that's quite a bargain, isn't it?

For hard-partying singles

Love hurts, they say, so numb the pain at Laruche on February the 14th at their raging Love Bites singles party.

To facilitate meet ups, the Laruche gang are instigating a game of Perfect Match, where guests are given a playing card upon arrival and then have to hunt down the guest with the matching card. The catch is, if and when you find each other you recieve a complimentary cocktail for the two of you to share. Because nothing says 'call me' like swapping mouth fluids.

There will also be lots of candy, cocktails, a guest DJ spinning sexy beats, and a photobooth, so you can document any potentials. (And that photographic evidence might come in handy if their facial features are a bit of a haze the next day.)

For true love seekers

Some very savvy Brisbane lassies have had the bright idea of bringing together sexy singles for a fun night of mingling, harmless flirting, and who knows, maybe some sparks a-flying? Their mixer is called Coalesce, which means merge or combine, and it's now approaching its sixth highly successful group date night.

There are a few "rules" to ensure the dating pool at their events is up to scratch (no scrubs, thanks). 1. You have to be thirty plus to attend; 2. You have to bring along a friend of the opposite sex that you're not romantically fond of to share with the group; and 3. You have to grab yourself a ticket because they are going to sell out fast (and they're only $50—who says you can't buy happiness?)!

The Coalesce hosts, being the tasteful creatures that they are, have final say on the guest list, so attendees can be sure they'll be mincing and mingling with only the best Brisbane singles this Valentine's Day.

Their next event is taking place on February 14th, at Urban List fave Claret House from 7pm, and your ticket will grant you delicious nibbles, two drinks, and the promise of possible eternal happiness (though, there's no assurance he'll be Tom Hanks standard). You need to RSVP before February 7th, so no dilly-dallying!

For the one-night lovers

As much as we like to malign romance related Apps, they can't be beaten for bringing singles out of the woodwork. Limes Hotel are cashing in on the hordes of Brisbane kids on Tinder with their Tinder Rooftop Party, kicking off from 7pm on February 14th. Think of all the Snapchats flying around Brisbane this Valentine's Day-Night that this party's going to generate... 

Image credit: Nerd Like You

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