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Newstead Brewing Co. | The Verdict

By Sophia McMeekin
26th Jan 2014

Because we're generally a bunch of lazy lumps, here at The Urban List, we tend to get a bit excited when we hear of new things opening up in our immediate vicinity. When Newstead Brewing Co.—situated approximately 2 minutes from our office—opened their doors, you can imagine our collective joy (the mass high fives; the group hugs; the empty promises to shout each other drinks).

Since its opening in December, we've made the arduous trek to this micro-brewery many a time. For lunch, dinner, afterwork drinks, secret during-work drinks—you name the time of day, we've been in and tried it out, and it's all pretty good. 

The beers on tap (most of which they brew on site) are hard to fault. The pale ale, and amber are favourites, and, while the cider has an unusual tang to it, we're actually becoming fans of that too (and, to be fair, if it tasted like Rekordelig we'd be a bit disappointed). They also have a selection of craft beers and a great wine list—somewhat of a rarity in this type of bar.

For a spot that's meant to be all about the brew, Newstead Brewing Co. still manage to make an impression with their menu. The food on offer toes the line between pub-ish and fad-ish, and some Americana-inspired items make the menu (Buffalo wings, ribs, jalapeno poppers, and pretzels, to name a few) but they're given a revamp and avoid the same-same feel that can often come with this style of cuisine. 

The 'ribs' are actually served as one giant, slow-cooked mountain of beef, perched atop a piece of bone (this is a good thing), with slaw to accompany. And the wings are some of the best to be found in Brisbane. Crispy, sticky, not too saucy, with just the right amount of spice (and they go easy on the blue cheese dressing).

Pub-grub wise, you'll find steak, a lamb pie, a corned beef sandwich, and fries (both the regular kind, and sweet potato), as well as more sophisticated options like pumpkin pearl barley risotto, fish with a burnt butter sauce and braised fennel salad, duck liver pate, and an impressive cheese board.

They also do authentic, bready pizzas, with simple toppings. 

NBC (yeah, we're lame and make up acronyms for things) have clearly hit upon a winning combo'—there isn't a night of the week they aren't completely packed out—and it'll be interesting to see if this quality bar can continue to pull a crowd in this increasingly brewery-packed suburb. We'll certainly be hard to deter.

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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