Our Fave 5 Green Smoothies

By Lindsay Kasprowicz
9th Nov 2013

Someone has invited vegetables to the smoothie party, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. All over town healthy types (and wanna-bes) are whizzing their way to supposed longevity, glowing skin and reported weight-loss via their blender and a bunch of spinach. All of a sudden drinking green goo is de rigueur and my beloved banana smoothie is looking decidedly pale in comparison.  

I was skeptical that green liquid could taste any good after my wheatgrass shot experiment back in the summer of '08, so I decided to embark on a little green smoothie recon about Teneriffe to see just what all the fuss is about. 

Undaunted, I headed to Sourced Grocer and ordered the greenest smoothie on the menu. It piqued my curiosity with its blend of banana, kale, apple, mint, citrus, ginger, and coconut water. It was ridiculously green in colour. It looked radioactive. It tasted….delicious.   

Before officially blowing the green smoothie trumpet, I decided it best to try a couple more in the name of research. After all, that delicious smoothie could have been a fluke. 

On to the Primal Pantry's Hulk smoothie. A blend of pear, spinach, mango, lime, coconut water and ice. Colour-wise, it was more of a darker, moodier green than my first, and the texture was just right. You won't to pop a vein in your forehead trying to suck the straw, but at the same time, it's not a pathetic thin juice. I desperately try to taste the spinach but I can't. It's truly amazing. 

Next stop on the smoothie crawl took me to Quench at the Gasworks. I made up my own green smoothie combo using their protein shake with almond milk and whey powder as the base. This time I ordered banana, cinnamon and lashings of kale – a green leafy veg – and ice. Pulverized, it was an icy green thick shake. As for the taste, eyes closed it could have been one of the best 'regular' banana smoothies I have ever tasted. The super-wide super-tough straw made downing my smoothie a breeze (why has no-one thought of this before???). I'll be back for more of this one for sure.

Orawgi, Woolloongabba's raw food hot spot, serves up a raw mojito, made with cucumber, celery, mint, lime and kale, that's super refreshing on a hot summer's day, and almost makes up for the lack of alcohol with flavour (almost).

And the Green Goddess from Gurgle Juices is a total winner, combining kiwi, banana, spinach, and lettuce with low-fat icecream, for a delicious, low-carb version of the green drink.

So, the green smoothie tastes good. But surely this alone cannot account for the obscenely high volumes being consumed around town. Personally, I see the benefit of the green smoothie being threefold: sustenance, health outcomes, and social currency. After all, what other beverage screams out your unwavering dedication to your body as a temple? 

Image credit: Kale Chips

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