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By Phoebe Hurst
20th Jan 2014

With its looming warehouses and non-descript office buildings, Montague Road doesn't exactly conjure up thoughts of pastoral landscapes or bounteous crop fields. Nevertheless, the West End road recently became home to Plenty: a new cafe and grocer with a mission to bridge the gap between farm and dinner table.  

Transforming the once graffitied factory space into an airy eatery with reclaimed hardwood floors, carefully distressed steel chairs and a separate 'coffee room' (complete with organic beans and La Cimbali espresso machine), Plenty centres its unshow-y dishes on locally grown ingredients and fresh produce.  

You won't find any dog-eared menus at here, offerings change daily and come chalked up on a huge blackboard behind the counter. When we visited, lunch was all spiced tomatoes, haloumi and warm sourdough, and the breakfast menu, with its homemade muesli and baked eggs, is perfect fuel for tackling the never not-crowded Davies Park Market. Plenty has also begun stocking a selection of tempting organic preserves, including carrot jam and bread and butter pickles.  

But the eco-conscious cafe doesn't stop at serving delicious local produce, founder Karyn Hodges goes one step further in celebrating the work of regional producers. The 'Know Your Farmer' tagline is bolstered with a quick nose through Plenty's Facebook page or blog. You'll come across quail farmer Clive Wylie and 'Cucumber Bill', who stands proudly with a bucked full of the green veggies in each hand. At Plenty, your food's journey encompasses so much more than the move from fork to mouth. 

Plenty west end

plenty west end

Plenty west end

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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